Human Touch ZeroG 4.0

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ZeroG 4.0 Specifications

Dim xl
the zerog 4.0 weighs 170 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
045915  823177

Editorial Review

The electric massage chair is not new, having been invented in Japan around 1940ish. In wide circulation since the 1950s, it has been offering some level of comfort to people around the world. It and its users benefit from the amazing advances in technology which have taken it from a vibrating lounge-chair to a pulsing, undulating, kneading, stretching, heating lounge-chair. With music and USB accessibility. The lounger is the chair that finds that sweet spot between sitting and lying down. That dream of Zero-G. The massaging lounger is comfort to the tenth power, acknowledgement that things are going quite well, actually.

Electric massage chairs offer an expanding and contracting array of features presented in a compelling selection of designs. Some, like the Infinity Iyashi, look like they belong on the flying bridge of some mad super-genius’s hover yacht and, given their cost, are not for those only into comfort in passing. Others offer a high level of function with 3D rollers and stretching leg baggers like the Superior SMC-6850. For those seeking a lower profile in their reclining years, Human Touch offers relaxation that blends right into standard seating options. In fact, the Zero-G 4.0, wrapped in faux black leather, looks like a normal recliner.

Using the mysterious Immersion Seating, the Zero-G 4.0 offers stress relief by simulating the movement of the chiropractors on their Wellness Counsel. With their patented Human Touch Technology, they have designed four full-body Auto-Immersion Programs to provide the wellness the consumer so craves. How this is accomplished – rollers, air bags, tiny masseuses and masseurs – is not described. Something called 'ergonomically persistent motion' doesn’t stop, apparently, until the user feels better. The Zero-G 4.0 conducts a regimen of gliding, multi-sensory mind and body centering by relieving weight from the aching back. The controller has a body map which allows the user to direct the massage focus to specific areas in need of attention. Owing to its price, it would probably be best to be seated in the Zero-G when opening the bill.

Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Looks nice and is compact when calf massage folds away under the chair. Great value! Great chair!

Tom's Guide

After 3 days I have reduced my middle back pain by at least 80 percent. My ankles have felt better and look a lot better from the added circulation.

Tom's Guide

I like it, but it's too gentle for me.

Tom's Guide

You will feel like a new person after sitting in this chair for a complete full body massage. It massages from top to bottom and that includes legs and feet. Highly recommend!

Tom's Guide

Taken the stress out of stress relief. The Smart 3D massage engine simulates the expert movements of the chiropractors who helped create them, leaving you relaxed.

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