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the wholebody 5.1 weighs 92 pounds


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Editorial Review

Even though the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 is a low-end massage chair with a fairly cheap price tag, it does have a feature that sets it apart from almost every other automated massage chair on the market: It swivels. Yes, you can turn it up to 55 degrees without having to lug several hundred pounds of machinery around in a circle, throwing your back out of joint and scraping your floor in the process. Want to watch the television while you vibrate? Swivel toward the TV. Want to watch your spouse chopping cucumbers during your massage? Swivel toward the kitchen. Not many massage chairs can offer that functionality.

Of course, what you probably care about is whether you'll get a good massage after you've swiveled. Like a lot of more expensive chairs, it lets you target your massage, so if a specific part of your body is giving you a problem, you can use the remote to tell the machinery to give that spot special attention. This is a feature that's been showing up on more and more massage chairs recently and may soon become standard. The chair uses orbital massage technology, which Human Touch claims replicates the sense of having oil smoothed over your body while your tissues are being rubbed, all without having to shower it off afterward. The company claims that this avoids the friction and pinching that you might have experienced with other massage chairs, which sounds painful and definitely like something that should be avoided. Meanwhile, their CirQlation (cute name) technology forces the blood out of your legs, where it's been pooling all day, and back into the rest of your body where it belongs. There are three different pre-programmed massage routines built in, one of which works on your upper body, one of which works on the lower body, and one of which takes care of both at the same time, in case you can't make up your mind where you want to be massaged the most.

All of which is pretty good for a chair that you can find, new, for slightly less than the four-figure range. For some other low-cost massage chairs, check out the Brookstone ReAct and the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0.

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Arrived yesterday and we are so impressed! The controls allow you to really customize the massages. Pressure is great! A lot of bang for your buck!

Tom's Guide

Fast assembly. Easy to use. Lots of massage options. Very impressed. Construction seems very sound. Great chair, great price!

Tom's Guide

This chair is fantastic! It's a genuine great massage but the chair is super comfortable even when not utilizing the massage function. I'm thrilled with this purchase.

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Handsome great design and love the swivel base. Love the new WholeBody 5.1, such an upgrade from the older model. Looks beautiful!

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