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Novo Specifications

Dim xl
the novo weighs 273 pounds


maximum carrying weight


remote control included
has bluetooth
Upc n
045915  826666

Editorial Review

The Human Touch Novo is a space-agey massage chair that looks like the lower half of a giant egg that's cracked open to release its alien occupant from suspended animation. It has an L-track that allows the massage rollers to tuck themselves under your buttocks for a full-body massage and comes in four colors: black, gray, red and blue. A pair of black stripes run down each side of your spine to give the chair a sleek, two-toned look. If you want to make your living room or den look like the bridge of a starship, this chair will do it.

The chair has zero-gravity massage, as do most massage chairs except at the lowest end of the market. This is where the chair leans back to even out gravitational pressure on your spine. (The name apparently comes from NASA's use of the position to acclimate returning astronauts to earth's gravity.) It also has full-body stretch, which sounds like a form of medieval torture but is just a way of getting kinks out of your muscles when you wake up in the morning or return from work feeling like your entire body has been crushed by the pressures of your job. Human Touch also claims that the chair alleviates acid reflux, though it's hard to see how it could do a better job of this than taking an extra dose of Prilosec(tm). Bluetooth speakers in the headrest let you play your favorite music and podcasts while you relax and rollers in the footrest massage your feet and calves. Lumbar heat warms your muscles to maximize the effect of the rollers and side airbags. (There are also airbags in the armrests.)

The Novo lacks 3D massage, which lets the rollers and airbags push more deeply into your muscles to squeeze the aches and pains out, but Human Touch has added that in the newer (and more expensive) Novo XT. For comparable massage chairs, check out the Kahuna LM7000, the Titan TP- Pro Alpine and the Infinity Iyashi. Or for something a bit more budget friendly, look at the Human Touch iJoy-2580.

Human Touch Novo | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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By far the very best massage chair we have seen and used. The chair is big and has lots of features and fine details.

Tom's Guide

I have muscle and fascia pain all over and 30 minutes in the chair will relieve the pain enough to be able to move around for a while.Bluetooth speakers for music is awesome.

Tom's Guide

This massage chair was excellent. I t worked on your whole body, feet, legs, lower back, shoulders, and arms. The calves were a little too intense.

Tom's Guide