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X4 Pro Specifications

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the x4 pro weighs 3.1 pounds


maximum flight time

32 min

video camera included
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Editorial Review

The Hubsan X4 Pro is a grown-up FPV quad with DJI Phantom market-share dreams. It gets its operational instructions from a very busy 2.4 GHz transmitter with a 7-inch 1280x720p shaded touchscreen and a 5.8 GHz video receiver. GPS keeps it locked in place, providing for such niceties as waypoints, which are set on the touchscreen. Other features of the system include return-to-home and headless mode as well as altitude and position hold. Provided with an in-house Hubsan HBS1080p action camera, the X4 has an ultra-wide angle lens with a 170-degree field of view. The gimbal systems can accommodate GoPro Hero cameras. Promoted flight times of 27 minutes fully-laden and 40 stripped-down are impressive if true, as is its professed range of over 1000 meters.

At present, learning to operate an Unmanned Aerial System is still done the old-fashioned way – by flying indoors and bouncing off the walls, or flying outdoors and bouncing off of trees and stuff. The best method for easing into the expensive fliers is to use the inexpensive ones, to work out all that bouncing off of things. There are a world of competent and affordable airbots available, and their camera systems are getting better. This allows for hands-on operation much akin to the high-ticket camera drones. The Xiro Xplorer G comes with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal on which to mount a GoPro while the Ei-Hi S900R uses a Shock-Absorption Cradle Head which can also be rigged with a GoPro.

In South Korea, likely because the consumer market for private drones is limited in North Korea, Chinese drone monster DJI has opened up a commercial drone arena. Not described as a flagship, it is a stand-alone that offers workshops and instruction, and even has an indoor obstacle course with colorful hoops and such to fly through or otherwise avoid plowing into. Training is available for operators of 8 years and older and, to sweeten the pot, is accomplished with their obstacle-avoiding DJI Phantom 4. With the rapid spread of drone reality and the virtue of learning their operation in a controlled environment, it seems that such useful facilities will become more prominent in the future.

Hubsan X4 Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Video stability is 100%, its as still as a video camera mounted on a tripod...awaiting for a resolution on the transmission distance which is poor.

Tom's Guide

On the receiver you get the live video from the camera. Flight time is about 25 min...comes with propeller protection and parachute.

Tom's Guide

Longest flight time was 13 minutes...first drone that I've purchased but cautious with each flight because something different happens with each flight.

Tom's Guide

Seems well made and not as cheap feeling as some other similar sized quads...screen is ok, but not very bright even indoors. The included hood gets in the way and is clumsy.

Tom's Guide

Nice quadcopter. Very powerful and heavy but very stable.

Tom's Guide

Drone is beautiful , full of functions and GPS, it even has the parachute. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Tom's Guide

This drone did not work right out of the box...Is it good quality? Right now I would say no. If I could get it to work I might change my mind.

Tom's Guide