Honeywell WiFi 7-day Programmable

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WiFi 7-day Programmable Specifications

6.5" x 2" x 5"
the wifi 7-day programmable weighs 3 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
has scheduling
has wifi
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Editorial Review

Why do we need heating and cooling systems in our homes? Why can't we just get our indoor temperature into a comfortable range and then leave it there? Why does it insist on heating up and cooling off without our permission?

Those may sound like stupid questions, but answering them requires a lot of scientific thought. You could ask the great Austrian physicist Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann, but unfortunately, Boltzmann committed suicide in 1906, precisely because people weren't all that interested in asking him questions about his theories. Boltzmann's great realization was that matter was made of atoms, and heat is simply the vibration of those atoms. Heat travels from place to place because vibrating atoms jostle other atoms and cause them to become hot, too. That's why heat won't stay in one place, like the inside of your house. It insists on vibrating its way off to other places, like the outside of your house. Or the heat outside of your house can move inside, making the interior uncomfortably warm.

Whichever way the heat from those vibrating atoms is moving, we need HVAC systems to keep it from moving to places where we don't want it to go. To tell the HVAC system how much heat we want, we need a thermostat. And to make sure the heat is where we want it -- warm in some rooms, cooler in others -- we need a smart thermostat system like the Honeywell RET97B5D1002 to serve as a thermal traffic director. Like the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat, the Honeywell will learn what hot and cold settings you like and when you need them. And also like the Nest, it can be controlled either from the touchscreen on the wall unit or from the smartphone app that comes with it.

Give the RET97B5D1002 and its competitors a serious look. The ghost of Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann will be greatly cheered up by your interest.

Honeywell WiFi 7-day Programmable | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I really like the remote access feature so that I can turn down the heat and turn it back up in time for the house to be warmed up by the time I get home.

Tom's Guide

I think this is as good a thermostat as you can buy, particularly with the WiFi features and the solid quality of Honeywell behind it.

Tom's Guide

The iPhone app and web page to control the thermostat works very well and easily. The touch screen is easy as well.

Tom's Guide

Actually, you don't have to check as the thermostat can e-mail or text you if the temps are out of acceptable ranges.

Tom's Guide

It has most of the functionality of the 8000u I had before, with the added ability to program via smartphone and adjust that way as well.

Tom's Guide