Honeywell TH9320WF5003

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4.5" x 0.9" x 3.5"
released date


the th9320wf5003 weighs 0.7 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
Upc n
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Editorial Review

Thermostatic control. Is there anything it can't do? Only everything else. Yet its role cannot be overstated simply because the ability to maintain temperature consistency is a matter of economics and health. Home thermostats, along with HVAC systems, represent a kind of luxury. One can get warmer by touching a button instead of donning a sweater, saving a trip to the closet. In addition to their other wonders, the Nuheat Home and the Heatmiser Smartstat will heat up your floors. The helpful Momit Smart will give you weather forecasts so that you can prepare for areas without thermostats.

Honeywell has been warming people’s lives since a little before forever. As a multi-conglomerate, Fortune 100 Company, it was founded back in the early 1900s, though it was born in the late 1880s with the invention of a thermostat for coal furnaces. Several failures and some name changes later, today's Honeywell continues to produce numerous home automation devices, including the Wi-Fi 9000 TH9320WF5003, a color touchscreen thermostat. It allows remote access through computer, tablet or smartphone and connects to your home’s existing Wi-Fi network. You can program the thermostat manually or by using the web or Honeywell's app for either 7-Day or Non-Programmable. You can even customize the screen color.

This Wi-Fi 9000 has applications for up to 2 heat/2 cool conventional systems and up to 3 heat/2 cool heat pumps. There are 5 system modes -- Heat, Off, Cool, Auto, Em. Heat -- and 4 fan modes -- Auto, On, Circ., Follow Schedule. Temperature settings are available in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the relative humidity range is 5% to 90% non-condensing. Like the Nuheat and SmartStat, this is a hardwired system, and is rated for 18 to 30 VAC. You can also select for English, French or Spanish.

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Fully programmable (weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc), touch screen, screen color themes, wi-fi, outdoors temp and so much more.

Tom's Guide

Apps are free, simple to use and control. I probably have "played" with the thermostat control a hundred times in 4 days. I need to stop but it is so easy.

Tom's Guide

Configuration on the WiFi network was simple and the Honeywell Connect web application very intuitive.

Tom's Guide

It worked without a hitch.

Tom's Guide

Like the re circulation fan feature and the mobile app feature.

Tom's Guide

This product is a good alternative to the Nest thermostat. It features internet connectivity and a proprietary app that works quite well.

Tom's Guide