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Editorial Review

Do you wake up in the night with a dry throat and sinuses that feel like two inches of desert road? Do you get shocks when you touch metal surfaces? Are your knuckles starting to crack and bleed? That's what life is like at low humidity, when there's not enough moisture in the air to keep your skin from flaking and to reduce static electricity. It's a sign that you might, just might, need a humidifier.

The Honeywell Quiet Care HCM-6009 is a relatively inexpensive solution to the problem. Its internal tanks can hold nine gallons of water and can cover up to 2,300 square feet of space with water vapor, raising the relative humidity to 40 or 50 percent for up to 24 hours before you need to fill it again. Your sinuses will thank you and your house plants, which like humidity too, will thank you. The unit's fan, which runs at several speeds, forces air through a filter that will remove grains of dust and allergens as it adds the vapor. The unit isn't silent, but produces a low white noise that some users may find soothing, so you could look at the Quiet Care as an insomnia cure too.

The filter can be cleaned and eventually replaced if necessary, but users report that the replacement rate is low. The unit can be set to turn off when the humidity reaches a certain level and will shut off automatically when the water tank needs refilling. A cleaning cartridge in the unit helps keep it hygienic, so it won't start growing strange bacterial cultures and injecting them into your oxygen supply.

The unit gets four stars from users on Amazon, with the main complaint being that the fan sometimes rattles, producing more than just the hum of white noise. Various solutions are proposed, including wrapping a rubber band around the fan unit and placing a weight on top of it to keep it from vibrating. Periodically flipping the filter is also suggested to reduce wear and tear. Some alternative units on the market include the Motorola Smart Nursery, the Aprilaire 700 Automatic and the extremely quiet Taotronics TT-AH003, which produces a mist rather than increasing the humidity.

Honeywell Quiet Care HCM-6009 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It is difficult to refill them without spilling water everywhere or, at worst, breaking the containers. The shape of the top part container will not stand on its own.

Tom's Guide

Very compact and easily movable. Quickly adds humidity to your rooms. Only complaint is it is a little louder than what I expected.

Tom's Guide

I have to say I am impressed with this humidifier. It is simplistic but very efficient. Very pleased with the volume of moisture it puts into the house. Highly recommend.

Tom's Guide

This thing is only quiet on the lowest fan setting. Any thing higher than that it is too loud to sleep, watch TV or have a conversation.

Tom's Guide

Great product. It only has basic controls but it works exactly as stated. Its pretty quiet, holds lots of water, and filters the air pretty good.

Tom's Guide