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Prestige HD Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the prestige hd weighs 6 pounds


remote control included
has usb
Upc n
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Editorial Review

If there is a juggernaut of thermostats, it must be Honeywell. The American conglomerate has been a ubiquitous presence on household walls for decades. It makes sense that the industry leader would lead the evolution of the thermostat.

Honeywell released its Prestige HD in 2008. The device is one of the first smart thermostats. It precedes Google's Nest and even other Honeywell developments like the Lyric. It's an older model, but overwhelming approval from homeowners makes it worth considering today.

The Prestige HD offers impressive functionality and measurements for the most invested amateur meteorologist.

One owner with a standout passion for energy conservation tracked his power consumption by the hour. After a month, he found that the Prestige HD had helped him lower his consumption by 18%.

However, it's fitting that the Prestige HD is most popular with users who can run statistical models on their own houses. The unit is a complicated piece of tech. Multiple owners recommended hiring a professional HVAC technician to install it. Its outdoor RF sensor needs to stay dry. Its wires are a labyrinth. It's even picky about what batteries it uses.

It's also not cheap. The Prestige HD is one of the more expensive options among smart thermostats. But the unanimous user feedback extolling its temperature regulation makes it a worthwhile investment. Many of those scientific owners have tracked the reliability of the unit. They've found that it maintains their desired temperature to tenths of a degree.

If all that sounds intimidating, there are a few options. For Honeywell brand loyalists who want a simpler device, there's the Wireless FocusPRO. It's ugly, but it installs in 15 minutes out of the box. It has a simple interface with custom programming. And it's been on the market just as long as the Prestige HD with positive feedback.

For European fetishists, go with Britain's rival to Nest, Hive. American patriots will look to the Carrier Cor. And broke college students can try the Smart AC Control from Tado.

The Prestige HD is an impressive, if imposing, beast of consumer economics. It's a perfect fit for someone who enjoys tinkering with electronics. Anyone looking for a quick temperature fix should call a professional first.

Honeywell Prestige HD | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This unit by Honeywell is the best looking unit I have ever seen, its hd display is second to none and the lcd remote is great...

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After a month of using this new system, I am an even bigger fan. Because I have a smart meter, I can track daily and hourly energy consumption in my townhouse...

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This is a great thermostat with great functionality. I love it so far. I would recommend it to anyone. It has so many functions and options.

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The prestige hd comfort system is a great kit. It gives you the ability to place a thermostat in any room, anywhere...

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It works perfectly keeping what ever room we have the remote in at the perfect temperature. It is an expensive unit, but worth every penny.

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This is really a pleasure to install, configure and use. The user interface is wonderful, the touch screen has perfect sensitivity...

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