Honeywell Lyric 1st Generation

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Lyric 1st Generation Specifications

3.8" x 1" x 3.8"
the lyric 1st generation weighs 1.5 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
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Editorial Review

Honeywell's Lyric may have the sleekest design of any thermostat in history. Thermostats aren't supposed to have designs at all. They're just knobs to turn when it's too hot or too cold. But this looks like the space-age future that Asimov and Clarke and Heinlein promised. It's no surprise that Honeywell is the company to make the leap into thermostat fashion.

The ubiquitous knob shape of old is also a Honeywell creation. The company dates back to 1885. That year, Swiss inventor Albert Butz created the "damper-flapper" thermostat for coal furnaces. In 1898, stockholder W.R. Sweatt bought all the shares of the company to become sole owner. In 1906, Mark Honeywell merged his Honeywell Heating Specialty Company with Sweatt's Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company. They decided against branding the company Butz Sweatt and went with the new guy's name.

By the 1950s, Honeywell had its fingers in every industrial pie. It made rockets and missiles for the US Navy. It imported Pentax cameras from Japan. And it conspired with Raytheon to unseat IBM as the nation's computing giant. In 1953, Honeywell released the T87, its classic thermostat. That same thermostat is still in millions of homes to this day, decades later. Its robotic descendant is the Lyric.

The Lyric regulates temperature through a system called geo-fencing. Geo-fencing uses GPS or radio frequencies to establish digital perimeters around a physical environment. When an authorized user breaches these perimeters, the geo-fencing device springs into action. This allows the Lyric to perform its duties both by schedule and by reaction.

Users have raved about the Lyric's ease of installment. It's a simple wall mount that can be controlled by hand or via mobile app. The unit runs on a single AAA battery.

Homes are complex and intricate constructions. No two thermostat installations will go the same way. The Lyric is more popular in newer homes with more streamlined HVAC systems. Whole-home humidifiers have caused some miscommunications.

The Lyric is the latest creation from a company that has not shied away from reinventing itself. Will it follow in the footsteps of its immortal father, the T87? Or will it fade into a bizarre footnote like Honeywell's ballistic missiles? Only time will tell.

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