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Editorial Review

Honda, maker of fine motorcycles and leaf blowers, has taken to the forefront in robotic technology. In 2000, they unveiled ASIMO, a bipedal robot that can function autonomously of direct human controls. ASIMO – likely short for Isaac Asimov, who brought humanity the 3 Rules of Robotics – has facial and voice recognition capabilities, can run and jump, and has fully functional hands with opposable thumbs. In the intervening 16 years, ASIMO has grown into quite the teenager, and Honda, as parents everywhere, is no doubt perplexed that their little bundle of robo-joy won’t even mow the lawn.

So they created the Miimo. It might seem odd for the remarkably successful manufacturer of cars and motorcycles to take on the remarkably successful makers of robomowers like iRobot and Lawnbott. But their dance with ASIMO convinced them -- somewhere in the megalith that is the Honda Corp. -- that robotics are the wave of the future, and the Miimo rolled forth to battle the lawn-grooming leaders on their turf. The Honda Miimo has 3 versions which look surprisingly like upright vacuum cleaners without the upright, as opposed to the stylish LB 300EL, which might have rolled out of a '50s garage.

The primary differences in the Miimo variations are in their mowing durations as the other functional features remain consistent. The Miimo 520 weighs more than its younger siblings at 26.2 lbs. but, as one doesn’t push it around, the additional weight primarily affects battery performance. The Miimo 520 will run over your greens for 80 minutes while the lighter Honda Miimo 310 is good for 45. Curiously, the Honda Miimo 300 outlasts them both with a 90-minute roll-and-slice time. Like the others, the Miimo 520 mows in random or directional patterns within an electronic perimeter, keeping itself out of the flowers or swimming pool. It utilizes sensors to navigate lawn layout, including slopes, and automatically gives denser greenery the additional time it deserves. When its lithium-ion battery runs low, Miimo returns to its charging base to gird for the reviews ahead.

Honda Miimo 520 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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On the whole, we were really impressed with this mower. Grass was cut evenly, and the 360-degree bump sensors handled any obstacle we positioned in front of it.

Tom's Guide

The noise level is so low that it is advantageous to let it work at system is relatively easy to navigate...mowing result is very smooth and fine.

Tom's Guide

Honda Miimo 520, works hard to be the proficiently to solve various problems and do well...A massive boost by Honda, which bodes well for the future.

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