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Ellia Thrive Specifications

5.8" x 5.8" x 10.5"
the ellia thrive weighs 1.4 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Thrive is one of the least expensive models in Homedics line of Ellia essential oil diffusers. It looks like a ceramic egg on top of a round, wooden base and emits its aromatic payload through a small hole on the top. Like many other oil diffusers, e.g., Homedics' own Ellia Gather, it emits changing colors of light to enhance the mood supposedly associated with the essential oil, which makes it a night light and romantic room illumination as well as a disseminator of mood-altering aromas. One of the reasons that it's less expensive than the Gather is that it's only capable of emitting its enticing mist for six hours in continuous mode or 12 hours in intermittent mode, as opposed to the Gather's ten hours (or twenty hours in intermittent mode). It comes with three bottles of essential oils: Orange, Fight It, and Pay Attention. We have no idea what those last two do, but they make it sound as though the oil is a drill sergeant barking instructions at you. "Pay Attention. Or else!"

There are buttons for turning the light on and off and for putting it in color-cycling mode. At least one user complains that the tactile feedback on these buttons is so poor that it's impossible to tell whether you've turned it on or off until eventually you notice the smell going away. The Thrive is an ultrasonic diffuser, which means that it uses waves of ultrasound (too high-pitched for the human ear to detect) to disseminate the oil through your room. Most online users seem to like the way it works, though the one who complained about the lack of tactile feedback also noted that the unit barely produces any aroma. Perhaps this person got a defective model?

There are plenty of other aromatic diffusers on the market in case you don't like this one. For instance, you could try the Serene House Scentilizer Donut, the Pilgrim Sofia Waterless or the Trillia Mina 3.

Homedics Ellia Thrive | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is a cool little diffuser, and easy to use. I like how they also include some starter scents for those who are just starting out.

Tom's Guide

The product is simple and straightforward to use. The quality of this diffuser is so much better than anything else in the market

Tom's Guide