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Ellia Rise Specifications

5.5" x 5.2" x 10.5"
the ellia rise weighs 1.6 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

The Homedics Ellia Rise, with its "egg-stuck-on-top-of-a-wooden-pedestal" look, bears a striking resemblance to the Homedics Ellia Thrive, except that this aromatheraphy device can release seven hours of continuous aroma as opposed to the Thrive's six hours. That would seem to be the only difference between them, other than the slightly higher price tag on the Rise. Both cycle through glowing colors while turned on and diffusing essential oils into the air. Both come with a free sample of three Ellia essential oils. One other difference: The Rise will make a variety of "relaxing and uplifting" sounds that Homedics claims are perfect for meditation. (The Thrive will not do this.)

The Rise has no humidifying functions, but uses ultrasound to shatter a few drops of essential oils into microscopic airborne particles that spread a mood-changing odor throughout your living environment. Combined with the relaxing sounds and the changing colors, this device could transform an ordinary evening into a terrific one, especially if you choose the right essential oil to drop into the device before you turn it on.

Ellia sells a line of essential oils to use with the Rise, but essential oils from other vendors will work too. The three free samples that come in the package are called Orange (the meaning of which should be obvious), Pay Attention (which presumably helps you focus on a problem) and Fight It (which either helps you prepare for a wrestling match or resist the temptation to have one more piece of cake).

In keeping with the automated tech theme of this website, the Rise has a remote control, which operates the mist, the light and the sound, changing colors, noises and quantity of mist at the touch of a button. If you're using this while bathing, it's probably best not to get the remote slippery with soap and drop it in the water.

Some competing brands of oil diffusers include the Pilgrim Sofia Waterless, the SpaRoom AromaMist and the DoTerra Aroma-Ace.

Homedics Ellia Rise | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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For a small unit I feel it is high quality. It does exactly as it should and was skeptical about the remote, but it works.

Tom's Guide

So easy to use and maintain. Love all the features of this diffuser and the remote. So easy to use and very pretty!

Tom's Guide

What a lovely oil diffuser! It has mist, sound and light options you can choose from. It gives you the same exact level of relaxation as a spa.

Tom's Guide

The Ellia Rise Ultrasonic Diffuser is a sophisticated and easy to use product. The base is wood and a sea foam green ceramic, nicely constructed.

Tom's Guide

The actual functionality of this diffuser is poor. The mist doesn't dispense much at all. The range is 3 feet at best if you use the normal amount of essential oils.

Tom's Guide