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Ellia Aspire Specifications

7.1" x 7.1" x 7"
the ellia aspire weighs 6.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

With its Ellia line of aromatherapy devices, the Michigan company Homedics has created a bevy of stylish oil diffusers with concise, uplifting names -- the Ellia Awaken, the Ellia Rise, the Ellia Thrive. The names are a road map of the kind of day Homedics wants you to have. They want you to awaken, they want you to rise, they want you to thrive. Even if you don't believe that aromatherapy can keep you healthy, happy and focused, the names carry their own placebo effect: Who could resist a line of products that so urgently insists it's going to send your life on an upward curve?

The names are clearly aspirational, so it makes sense that Homedics has an oil diffuser called the Ellia Aspire. Who doesn't aspire to a thriving, fully awakened life? The Aspire looks like a modernistic chalice with small wooden legs, though LED lights inside the unit change the color of the exterior to diffuse a darkened room with a warm glow even while it diffuses it with the aroma of essential oils distilled from the essence of exotic plants. Add water along with a couple of drops of oil and the Aspire uses ultrasound to fracture the liquid into a fine, aromatic mist for up to 10 continuous hours or 20 if you set the unit for intermittent misting.

The Aspire also aspires to humidify your air, adding water vapor to an atmosphere turned dry by a desert climate or cold weather. And it plays music and "relaxation sounds," connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth to receive data from the Ellia app. You can also use the app to set a timer for turning the unit on and off and to set the color of the mood lights. (You can point your phone's camera at a color in your environment and the Aspire's LEDs will match it.) A small remote that comes in the package also gives the user some control.

To see some essential oil diffusers from companies other than Homedics, look at the Young Living Rainstone, the Viva Naturals Tranquil and the Smiley Daisy Gardenia.

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The aroma comes out well-balanced and the sound is slightly muffled because of where the speaker is placed. It still sounds peaceful and calming.

Tom's Guide

They have a few different tracks and along with the remote, you can control this diffuser with your phone also. This is awesome.

Tom's Guide