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Smart Pet Feeder Specifications

9.4" x 9.4" x 19.7"
released date


the smart pet feeder weighs 7.7 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
Upc n
190073  602680

Editorial Review

Hoison deserves credit for not making their Smart Pet Feeder look like a fishbowl, which is what most large-hopper pet feeders look like. Granted, the fishbowl approach makes it easy for owners to see how much kibble is left inside for their furry loved ones, but in most cases the look is drab and utilitarian. The Smart Pet Feeder, on the other hand, is a stylish white tower, a design that could easily catch on with desktop computer manufacturers. In fact, it would be a good look for a high-powered router. Aside from a glowing LED strip and the food tray itself, the main feature on the front of the unit is a giant cyclopean lens, and if you guessed that this is a webcam that allows pet owners to watch their cats and dogs over Hoison's smartphone app, you've clearly already been researching automated pet feeders.

Yes, the Hoison Smart Pet Feeder is a replacement for you, the pet's owner, so that simple inconveniences like being at the office or on vacation won't prevent you from interacting with the ones you love. (Feeding children with the Small Pet Feeder is not advised.) With Hoison's app, you can feed your pets on demand, talk to them through the unit's speaker and schedule automated feedings for those moments when coworkers in adjoining cubicles might prefer not to hear you making cooing noises when your cat or dog sticks its big, adorable eyes up against the camera wondering what in the world is going on. (More likely, you'll see the tops of their heads as they chow down on the food just out of camera range.) And, yes, you can listen to your pets slurp through the unit's microphone. It's just like being home...almost.

How do Amazon users feel about the Hoison unit? Almost uniformly...different, with reviews spread nearly evenly from five stars to one. A lot of the complaints concern the food tray, which either breaks on its own or tips over when pets stand on it, though at least one user notes that the camera is placed too high up the tower to catch the feeding in action. Alternative feeders include the RolliTron RolliPet and the fishbowl-shaped CE Compass Large Feeder.

Hoison Smart Pet Feeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I ordered this and holds lots of dry food in it, and have no problems with it over spilling or not coming down at all. So glad i got it.

Tom's Guide

If you are looking for a feeder that does not jam, this is the one to go for. Its patented technology is able to prevent food from being jammed in the feeder.

Tom's Guide

A really good feeder...It walks you through the WiFi connection and setup process pretty easily. Very easy to schedule multiple feedings per day.

Tom's Guide

No batteries required, it is quiet and sleek looking. Additional features include a nightlight and ability to record a voice message for your pet.

Tom's Guide