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the 168 weighs 2 pounds


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Editorial Review

Robots have moved into the domestic sphere, rendering a good many service positions if not obsolete, biologically redundant. Bots do the vacuuming and mopping, they mow the lawns, clean the pool, and even feed and clean up after our pets while we're away. It might seem our single exclusive attribute, beyond paying for them, is that bots can’t wash windows. Well…

The Hobot 168 is a second generation automatic window cleaning robot. It purportedly cleans any thickness of window from 3 to 60 millimeters or more. It is limited to those windows lacking any kind of stickers or glass treatment. The Hobot 168 has a vacuum motor that provides suction, allowing it to adhere to the vertical glass surface. The motor is the bot’s most distinguishing aspect as it is extremely loud. An embedded UPS -- uninterrupted power system -- prevents it from falling even when no electric power is supplied. Should power fail, the motor is switched to an internal battery.

The Hobot 168 has two cleaning wheels onto which micro-fiber cloth is placed. The cloth is sprayed with glass cleaning solution -- not included -- but get it too wet, and the robot won't stick. The Auto mode cleans the entire window by using an edge detection algorithm with the proprietary computer-assisted route planning logic. In other words, it uses sensors and processors to detect window edges. This vagueness of terms apparently refers to the Hobot's touted AI technology, which does not appear to address the issue of window corners or sticker shock.

The Hobot 168 has a Manual mode and 3 Auto modes which can be selected via a remote controller. There is also a Table Cleaning mode for when the bot is done with the windows, which might be a while because its top speed hovers around 2 meters per 4 minutes. The company website does not say how heavy the Hobot is, but from the sound of it, it seems brutish. The fact that it comes with a high strength safety rope confirms this, although it's not clear for whom this rope is intended or to what it is attached. Safety features include an anti-dropping algorithm, an auto detection for obstacles and frame, and an auto-finish.

Hobot 168 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It came with European power cord, so it's simply impossible to use... company wants me to send it back on my personal cost. I'll never buy anything from this junk company.

Tom's Guide

The hobot works great! I used it on very dirty windows (dirt from over the winter time) and it did a fabulous job! Awesome product, would buy it again!

Tom's Guide

Totally useless product! The windows are not clean, but full of stains!

Tom's Guide

It works fine. But is not amazing. Leaves a few smudges.

Tom's Guide

It's perfect, it saved a lot of work. I am very satisfied with the product. Just a big noise. I am glad I bought it. I warmly recommend.

Tom's Guide