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Editorial Review

If you have two watches and want to keep them wound when you aren't wearing them, the Heiden HD10 Double is an elegant way not only to keep them ticking but to show them off. In fact, with its angled glass display front and rotating winding cuffs, it looks more likely to wind up in the display case at a jewelry store than on the nightstand in your bedroom. The watches are clearly visible from the front and the gray velvet interior with a pillow under each watch makes the timepieces look better than most human wrists do. It's not hard to imagine one of the Smithsonian museums using this case to exhibit the watches worn by a former president. It looks that good.

The rotating motion of the cuffs is for more than just decorative purposes, though. It also emulates the flexing of your wrist, so that it keeps self-winding watches ticking in the absence of a stem to wind. If there is a stem, the Double can be set to turn it 650, 950, 1250 or 1850 times per day. Naturally, it can do this with a clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional motion, whichever the watch requires. It can run off D-cell batteries or an AC adapter and will burn through about one D-cell every three months. (Lithium batteries will probably last longer.) There's a switch to turn it off when it isn't in use, which should keep the batteries running longer. The box comes in black leather with white stitchings, so it will look as expensive as your watches do (though given the price of some watches, it probably isn't).

Unlike some watch winders that are designed to hold larger watches, the spring-action pillow in the Double will hold multiple sizes, so it should be useful for both men and women, assuming those mean and woman have different wrist circumferences. If you need two watches wound, you might also look at the Modalo Safe Systems MV3. If you only have a single watch to wind, you'd be better off with the Heiden HD009 Single, the Wolf Windsor Single 452503 or the Orbita Sparta W05521.

Heiden HD10 Double | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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This is my second Heiden winder and I love it. Extremely handsome and very well made unit. The cost is excellent for such a well crafted winder.

Tom's Guide

Bulkier than expected. Cheap plastic. Left winder did not work at all. Sent back for a refund. Disappointed all around!

Tom's Guide

I have been using the winder for about a week now. Winder looks great and I haven't had any issues. Breitling Avenger fits no problem. Very pleased with the purchase.

Tom's Guide

Very happy with this watch box. It's well constructed, stylish, and looks great sitting on the counter in my closet. Stylish and functional!

Tom's Guide