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Burlwood Single Specifications

5.1" x 5.5" x 8.5"
released date


the burlwood single weighs 5 pounds


Editorial Review

If you sell watches or just want to show off the classy one you own while it's not on your wrist, the Heiden Burlwood Single is a handsome walnut-finished box that will display your timepiece like a museum exhibit while making sure that it's mainspring doesn't lose the tension that keeps it running. And to keep the watch at least as comfortable as your wrist would, the Single sits it on a cushy pillow that protects it from damage and makes it look even classier than usual. The Burlwood Single can be set to wind the watch 650, 950, 1250 or 1850 times per day and it can do it clockwise, counterclockwise or both alternately, which should cover any windable watch on the market. So if you haven't moved up to nouveau technologies like batteries and silicon chips (or want to keep your dressy watch comfortable while you play with your Apple Watch or Fitbit), the Single will put its robotic skills to work keeping your tried-and-true watch on time and ready-to-go at a moment's notice.

You can plug the Burlwood Single into standard AC power to make sure it keeps running or use a standard D-cell to ensure that your watch won't run down during an extended power failure. Heiden advertises its winder as a great fit for watches from Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tissot, etc., etc., etc., which is to say that you should be able to trust it with watches that cost more than the annual mortgage payments on your house. Amazon users give it nearly a solid five stars, except for the inevitable luckless user who got a model that died after three months. (One assumes this isn't normal.) There's no feedback from the box itself to tell you that it's on and working, which might be considered a minus given that you might not realize that it's died until your watch dies -- temporarily -- with it. There's a simple on-off switch on the box that doesn't require fiddling with the winder itself to operate.

For similar automatic watch winders, look at the Wolf Heritage Single, the Orbita Sparta and Heiden's four-watch Prestige Quad.

Heiden Burlwood Single | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This watch winder works perfect for my Tag Heuer Aquaracer. It is very silent, and works as expected (thus far). Great single watch winder!

Tom's Guide

The winder works fine for 3 months only and now it keeps clicking and doesn't work properly. I contact the seller but he doesn't answer my emails. Very disappointed!

Tom's Guide

It works just perfectly. The watch keeps perfect time... The winder is beautiful piece of merchandise and well made.

Tom's Guide