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Smartstat Specifications

3.7" x 0.6" x 3.7"
released date


the smartstat weighs 0.8 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi

Editorial Review

Some people might think that thermostats were invented to keep human dwellings and businesses properly heated or cooled, but they would be mistaken. Among the first uses of industrial thermostatic control was for poultry incubation, way back in the late 19th century. This application is still being utilized in agriculture, so it makes sense that humans enjoy its benefits too. After all, what's the point in eating deliciously heated farm animals if you're one step away from becoming a meatsicle?

But thermostats provide more than heat. They enable energy efficiency, which furnishes a different kind of warming. The Momit Smart from Europe has a monthly energy budget function and will purportedly save users up to 30% on energy costs. It also offers a Geo-location function that can control a boiler remotely. Apparently, smart thermostats like the Momit and the Heatmiser SmartStat are extremely common in Europe. Heatmiser was established in 1968, having begun as a tiny electrical contracting firm to become one of UK’s largest heating control manufacturers. Like the Momit, the SmartStat possesses Geolocation technology. This one uses mobile phone masts, WiFi, and GPS to calculate user position and adjust the home's temperature accordingly. SmartStat has built-in WiFi and connects to smartphone via Heatmiser's Cloud, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet.

The SmartStat works with multiple users, so the house is warm as long as there's someone in it. This is a handy characteristic regardless how much it resembles a Tom Waits lyric. The unit works with conventional heating systems and water-based, underfloor heating. The latter aspect is reminiscent of the Nuheat Home floor heating thermostat. While the Momit is battery-run, the Nuheat and the SmartStat are not. Heatmiser's thermo controller is for hard-wired systems. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from a single location. There are features such as Temperature Hold, Key Lock, and Home/Away. It has 4 settings – Non Programmable, 24-hour mode, 5/2 Day, or 7-Day. The company helpfully furnishes the product manual on its website, which is a mere 44 pages.

Heatmiser Smartstat | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Good service, delivered to time and it just works.

Tom's Guide

It will learn how long it takes to get the house to get to the required temperatures... It is at the perfect temperature at all times. It works very well...

Tom's Guide

Overall it looks nice, and it is the most advanced thermostat for electric underfloor heating i have found to date.

Tom's Guide

Fitted to the wall in 3minutes. Connected to the wifi in 1minute; Paired to the phone in 1 minute. Perfect! Working remotely with no problem.

Tom's Guide