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TigerShark Specifications

the tigershark weighs 21.5 pounds


Editorial Review

The residential pool division of Hayward Industries is based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and markets what they call the Totally Hayward System, a comprehensive line of pool products that includes the Omnilogic pool and spa controller, the Hydrorite water treatment system, and the AquaRite salt system, an alternative to chlorine. They also market the Hayward TigerShark, which sounds like the last thing a swimmer would want to find in their swimming pool, but restricts its predation to dirt, debris and unwanted vegetation growing on the sides and bottom of your pool. It brushes, scrubs, vacuums and generally does all the same things you'd want a robotic vacuum cleaner to do if it worked underwater.

Hayward claims the TigerShark can clean an entire pool in three hours or less, though that very much depends on how big the pool is. (They recommend it for "residential pools up to 20 feet by 40 feet.") Being a smart pool cleaner, perhaps even smarter than a human pool cleaner, it calculates an optimal pattern for scouring pool surfaces in order to get the job over with before the guests start arriving for that pool party you hastily scheduled while the pool still needed to be scrubbed. The cleaning pattern also saves energy, which cuts your costs and saves the planet. (Hayward says the TigerShark will "[s]ave up to 94 percent on energy usage costs," though they don't specify what that's compared to.) After it's done, you can hose down the filter cartridge and it'll be ready for another dip in the water.

If you have a pool that needs cleaning or just the urge to have your own private shark, the Hayward unit seems like a solid entry in the robotic pool vacuum product category, though there are enough bots in that category to fill an Olympic-sized pool. Take a look at the Water Tech Blue Diamond RC or the Aquabot Turbo T, for instance.

Hayward TigerShark | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I like it! The TigerShark by Hayward has given me a break and I deal like I can enjoy the pool with family instead of resenting the work of owning a pool.

Tom's Guide

I am very happy with my TigerShark. It does all the work form me. I got it because one of my friends has one and they recommended it...I'm glad I listened to them.

Tom's Guide