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SharkVac Specifications

30" x 24" x 18"
the sharkvac weighs 55 pounds


maximum speed


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610377  104630

Editorial Review

Hayward claims that their SharkVac uses about as much energy to run as a standard electric light bulb. That's good news if you have a large pool and don't want to get a stiff power company bill just from keeping it clean. The SharkVac will also scrub away industriously on all different types of pool surfaces and can negotiate complex underwater coves, so if you've got a big, complicated pool, this unit is worth taking a look at.

According to at least one Amazon user, the SharkVac takes about five minutes to set up and will then run through a two-hour cleaning cycle that can handle a pool full of leaves and general grunge. The unit has a filter and debris container on top, so you don't have to turn it upside down to empty it or even remove it from the pool area. The unit has what Hayward calls "smart steering technology," so it can find an optimal pattern around your pool, much the way your indoor robovac finds an optimal pattern around your house. You don't need to hook it up to a hose, so there's no tether limiting its reach, and to clean it you can spray it out with the hose you ordinarily use for watering your plants.

The SharkVac senses when it's outside the water, so if it crawls over the edge of your pool it won't ruin the motor by running it needlessly in the open air. In fact, it will simply turn around and go back into the pool. There's a more expensive XL model that can handle cleaning above the waterline. About half of the Amazon user reviews give this unit five stars, with the rest complaining about problems like the wheels falling off, the contents of the filter unit getting dumped back into the water and the unit's "optimal" pattern proving less than optimal. One even clams to have found it lying belly up in the water, like a dead fish. On the whole, though, users seem satisfied.

If you want to look at the alternatives, though, check out the Smartpool Kleen-Machine, the Aquafirst Super Rover and the Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Jet.

Hayward SharkVac | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It has top-access debris container that allows quick removal of cartridge filters and easy debris cleanup.

Tom's Guide

SharkVac by Hayward is one of the most economical pool cleaners to operate - equivalent to the energy used by a standard light bulb.

Tom's Guide

SharkVac is built with the highest-quality components and proven technology that create reliable, consistent results while maximizing energy efficiency.

Tom's Guide

SharkVac cleans pool floor coves, walls and waterline.

Tom's Guide