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Rover Specifications

27.5" x 8.7" x 9.1"
the rover weighs 32 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

Self-balancing scooters, AKA "hoverboards," may be self balancing, but it's clear from watching people learn to ride them that they require more than a little balance from the rider too. The devices start turning the moment you put weight on one of the independently motorized footpads, so if you don't want to watch the scooter spin in circles around your foot you have to jump pretty quickly on the other one and then stay there. This is tricky, but like most things it comes with practice. Users generally seem to master the trick within a few minutes. It's just a matter of learning what the board wants you to do, as opposed to what you want the board to do, and then doing it. Once you've got that down, you can tell the board where to go and it will take you there. It's a very Zen sort of thing.

Maybe that's why hoverboards are considered devices for children, not because they're small --- this board requires at least a 45-pound rider in order to work the controls -- but because children pick up new tricks faster than adults do. It seems perfectly natural to a 12-year-old to jump on a board and zoom off under its lithium-ion battery power, a concept that seems relatively weird if you're old enough to drive a car with a steering wheel and a 6-cylinder engine.

The Halo Rover works pretty much like all hoverboards do. Lean forward to make it go forward, lean back to brake, lean to the side to turn. The manufacturer advertises it as suitable for more difficult terrain than most such boards. Amazon reviewers seem to agree, giving it mostly five stars, though only a few admit to actually taking it off road. (Grass lawns, at least, don't seem to be a problem.)

The Amazon review average of 4-1/2 stars seems like reason enough to give this UL2272-certified board (with hologram certificate, like a credit card!) a good look, but if you want to inspect some other self-balancing scooters look at the Hoverzon XLS, the Swagtron T3 and, for a completely different balancing experience, the Airwheel Q5.

Halo Rover | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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I love this board! I have 3 other boards and this Halo board is the bomb! The look is very unique and everyone tells me that they would prefer this one...

Tom's Guide

Kind of hard to use, getting off and on the hoverboard is hard about every time, the hoverboard moves on you. I'm glad I got out of this mess! Too heavy!

Tom's Guide

This was a purchase for my son, but it quickly became a family favorite to use. It is really easy to use and met all expectations. I would highly recommend this!

Tom's Guide

I bought this for my daughter and she loved it! The quality is just miles ahead compared to all these other hoverboards on the market. Perfect gift idea!

Tom's Guide