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the pathfinder weighs 7.3 pounds


remote control included
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self charging
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Editorial Review

Of the domestic robots available, perhaps none have stolen consumers' hearts as much as the floorbot. Whether it's mopping, sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming, this little guy only wants to clean up and get a pat on the head for its troubles. Pets are fascinated by them and will hitch rides on their backs as if they were land tortoises. Hackers love to scoop out their parts and replace them with the parts of other devices. Humans like to watch them, play search-and-rescue with them, and even have them fetch coffee. But before long, companion robots will become affordable to most, and then the floorbot will be relegated to the storage closet or garage to live out the remainder of its life in tear-inducing obsolescence.

So now's the time to adopt your own robot floor cleaner, keeping in mind that while they may not be created equal, they're pretty much the same. The Think Gizmos XR Advanced has apparently made many robot owners happy. The P3 P4960 has an unusual appearance, but that hasn't stopped people from owning chihuahuas. Then there's the Milagrow Aguabot 5.0, which is probably a good bot once you get to know it. Judging by its name and water tank, this mopbot likely enjoys walks in the water park.

There's nothing terribly remarkable about the Haier Pathfinder except its moniker, which evokes a sense that no matter how many times you leave it by the side of the road, it'll find its way back to you. It features a dual-filter 0.6-liter dustbin and a 180-mL water tank, and it can climb 25-degree inclines, so you can take it on hikes. It possesses automatic recharge, intelligent frequency conversion, virtual walls, and anti-wrapping. Its washable fiber cloth has a barbed surface ideal for cleaning hard floors. The 2000 mAh battery needs up to 300 minutes for initial charging, after which it'll clean about 120 square meters for 90 minutes of work time.

Haier Pathfinder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

Pathfinder Reviews From Around The Web


The under mounted sweepers come off all the time...suction is poor. The vacuum works on hard surfaces however it does not work at all on any manner of rug or carpet.

Tom's Guide

Not well synced with the home base because it takes a while to get home if it is across the house...I like it. It does what I purchased it to do.

Tom's Guide

It works as it is advertised, it can climb carpet and go back to tiles without any concern. I loved it since it kept my wife happy. You will never regret this purchase.

Tom's Guide

Easy to use...Better performance on wooden floor than on carpets...Sometimes the robot will get stuck in certain positions...robot's female voice can be annoying sometimes.

Tom's Guide

The vacuum works great for the price...remote control allows you to freely move it to anywhere you want. Powerful vacuum power.

Tom's Guide