H2ofloss Hf-3 Premium

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Hf-3 Premium Specifications

4.7" x 3.1" x 8.7"
the hf-3 premium weighs 1.3 pounds


Editorial Review

Raise your hand if you enjoy flossing your teeth. Sorry, I don't see anybody raising their hand. Hold on while I put on my glasses.

Yes, there's somebody in the back of the room who apparently likes to wind a piece of string around their fingers and spend several minutes wrapping it around every tooth in their mouth and scraping dental plaque into the bathroom sink. No, wait, that's just the janitor asking when the room will be empty so that he can mop the floor. Guess nobody enjoys flossing their teeth.

That's why oral irrigators, those handy gadgets that send cleansing jets of water into our mouths, were invented. And since the first Waterpik hit the market back in the 1960s, the oral irrigator product category has become huge, with competition from Oratec and the humorously named ToiletTree, among others. H2Ofloss bills itself as "the leading manufacturer of dental oral irrigators," a claim that might be disputed by the above-named companies, but that certainly suggests that customers in the market for something that will rid their lives of dental flossing should at least give their products a glance.

H2Ofloss says that their Hf-3 Premium shoots streams of water that are 20 percent stronger than those produced by other portable irrigators. This is probably true, given that more than one user complains that the stream is so strong that it hurts their teeth. (H2Ofloss claims that the water pressure can be adjusted to six different pressures from the handle, but these users beg to differ.) The Hf-3 Premium holds 300 milliliters of water in its reservoir.

In fairness, it should be mentioned that a lot of users like the H2Ofloss Hf-3 Premium. At this writing the price for a new model is surprisingly low, so it might be worth taking a chance on.

H2ofloss Hf-3 Premium | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is perfect! Just as much power as the bigger version but doesn't take up as much counter space.

Tom's Guide

The quality seems to be good, it has variable pressure and the pressure seems to be strong but not strong enough to hurt most normal gums. Very happy with my purchase!

Tom's Guide