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GSV150B Specifications

2.8" x 5.9" x 15"
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phone controllable
has wifi
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Editorial Review

If you don't know what sous vide (pronounced "sue veed") cooking is, don't feel bad. You aren't alone. Although invented in the late 18th century, it didn't become practical until the 1960s when it became a common method for preserving food in industrial quantities -- for serving on airlines, for instance. By the 1970s it was discovered by chefs and today is used by world class cuisiniers who run restaurants where the price of a single meal is more than most people make in a day -- or a week. It was only in 2013, though, when sous vide cookers began trickling down to the level where consumers could afford to use them at home. Sous vide cooking involves placing food in vacuum-sealed bags, then immersing it for several hours in water kept somewhere above the boiling point, much like using a crockpot that keeps your food dry, even crispy, or marinated in its own juices, instead of melted into a soggy, simmering stew.

The Gourmia GSV150B is a thick wand (or "immersion pod") that clips to the inside of a water-filled pot, where it heats and circulates the water around the bagged food at an even temperature, give or take 0.1 Fahrenheit degrees. For a type of device that's used in restaurants that charge in the mid-three-figure range for a 30-course meal, the Gourmia sous vide cooker is pleasantly inexpensive and, like most Internet-age utilities, can connect to WiFi so that you can monitor and control the progress of your food from a smartphone app while you're off buying side dishes or groceries for the next night's meal. The water temperature can be set from the app or from buttons on top of the pod. Bags aren't included, but a sturdy Ziploc will do. A surprising variety of foods can be cooked with it, from meat to veggies. (Users swear it makes a great steak.)

Gourmia makes a variety of smart home kitchen appliances that range from affordable espresso makers (see the Gourmia GCM5100 and the Gourmia GCM5500 1-Touch) to pasta makers and mini-refrigerators. They also make other types of cookers, like the Gourmia GMC680 multi-cooker.

Gourmia GSV150B | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Really impressive! Cooking with this brings a whole new level to the taste, even my simple recipes taste amazing now. So far I've been really happy with it.

Tom's Guide

It works fine on the cooking side. One of the reasons I purchased it was the wireless capability. Wireless does not work... Don't buy for the wireless "feature".

Tom's Guide