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GCM5100 Specifications

9" x 17.5" x 13.5"
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Editorial Review

If you've been shopping for an automated espresso maker, you're likely to do a double-take when you see the minuscule price on a Gourmia GCM5100. However, this isn't a sophisticated, bean grinding, milk-frothing Miele CM6310 or Jura Impressa F8. This is closer to a Keurig coffee maker and, in fact, will use K-cups as well as Nespresso capsules as the source of your morning brew. Despite the name, this machine isn't for gourmet coffee lovers. It's for those of us who want a quick dose of tasty caffeine and want it fast, with minimum fuss. It has a digital display to set the temperature of the coffee and the amount you want in your cup, as well as a capacious cup space that will hold pretty much any size of mug or demitasse that you put in it.

What it won't give you that the (much) more expensive machines will is a selection of coffee specialty drinks, like capuccinos and ristrettos, with froth layered over coffee on top of more warm milk. It will just give you the taste of it. But for the low price and the convenience of using a variety of pre-ground coffee capsules, that may well be what you want. It even includes a collection system for disposing of the used capsules, so that you won't have to figure out what to do with that last cup of soggy grounds blocking the holder. Unlike the high-end Keurig maker you may have at your office, this doesn't attach directly to the plumbing for a never-ending supply of water, but neither do those expensive machines from Miele and Jura. You have to pour in your own water, but that's what you've been doing all your life when you made coffee, so it probably won't be much of an inconvenience.

If you were actually looking for more of a gourmet experience than this, check out the Miele and Jura models mentioned above, or gape in awe at the eye-popping magnificence of the Jura Giga W3 Professional. Or, if that was too much magnificence, scale down slightly to the Jura Impressa J95

Gourmia GCM5100 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Very easy to open and set up. I can't believe how nice this machine looks on the counter. This machine is really well-built. All I can say is, WOW!

Tom's Guide

The water is draining out the bottom of the machine. Great concept but poor execution. Defective - water draining out back and bottom.

Tom's Guide