GotWay ACM V2

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ACM V2 Specifications

5.6" x 19.9" x 18.1"
the acm v2 weighs 38.5 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has usb

Editorial Review

In the exciting world of 21st century unicycling, electric monowheels make pedaling a thing of the past. The GotWay ACM V2 and its country cousin the GotWay MSuper are high-powered single-wheel transport for seriously goofy-looking commuters. Weighing in at almost 40 pounds of pure electronic muscle, the ACM V2 can support riders up to 220 pounds. A 16-inch wheel makes the ACM V2 more of an off-roader than the typical e-scooter. It can climb 33-degree inclines with no problem and roll over minor obstacles that would send hoverboarders flying.

Whereas the MSuper speeds along at up to 22 miles per hour for upwards of 35 miles, the ACM V2 tops out at 28 miles per hour, with a maximum range of 43 to 50 miles, courtesy of an 820-watt/hour lithium battery and 1500-watt motor. Equipped with a USB plug and smartphone connectivity, it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. Built-in front and rear lights and a recovery mechanism add to its utility and safety. The V2 requires 6 hours of charging time and must be fully recharged at least monthly.

Compact enough to be stashed in a suitcase, battery-powered monowheels can go places other scooters and Segways can’t — in spite of restrictions on overweight baggage and batteries on aircraft. When these zero-emission personal transporters push our trusty old bikes and skateboards toward obsolescence, you don't want to be left hoofing it or taking Uber, while your monowheeling cohorts are taking over the roadways.

You could practice with the Monorover R3, a monowheeler that resembles a power saw. It comes with training wheels and an auxiliary belt to assist you; once you get the hang of it, Bluetooth speakers will play your favorite tunes as you cruise along. The Airwheel Q6, with twin unicycle-sized wheels, is a passable imitation of a monowheeler that could take more getting used to, although it does come with CE certification and is RoHS-compliant.

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