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the cosy weighs 3.3 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi

Editorial Review

The annals of history are likely to record 2014 of the year of the height of 21st century tech bubble 2.0. From 3D Printing's unrealized goal of bringing about a new Industrial Revolution, to Uber and other so-called "unicorns'" meteoric stock price climb (in Uber's case, recently revealed to be unsubstantiated by accurate predictions made from recent revenue numbers), to the explosion of cult-like emphasis on company culture that has been well-documented at currently waning startups like Hubspot and Zenefits - many folks in tech are likely to be scratching their heads at their own irrational exuberance in years to come.

One sector of tech that became no stranger to swelling up with hot air was the much vaunted Internet of Things (IoT) market. Propelled largely by Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of market leader Nest, the smart thermostat in particular drove much herd-like behavior, spawning copycat products across the industry - and hustling projects in development by much smaller teams, not yet ready for deployment.

By all accounts, the Geo Cosy was one of the latter when it launched via Kickstarter in April of 2014. The Cosy is a wireless IoT device, completely controllable from a mobile app, that purports to be the future of remote home control. Equipped with smart heating and hot water temp control features, the Cosy promises to conquer more elements of the home to bring under its smart thumb -- in one interview, a Geo representative teased at future developments being "geo-fencing, behavioural control, energy monitoring, PV/microgeneration insight and of course the device control."

While one of those teased at future features may seem a bit more ominous than the others, these advancements are a long ways away from a company that got off to a rocky start. Early Cosy users report connectivity issues, erroneous temperature readings, and other manners of flawed behavior that suggest you wouldn't want a Cosy controlling your own. The product is still available, is aesthetically pleasing, and seems to have overcome its initial difficulties to become a fairly well regarded thermostat; however, in a market crowded by dreamchasers, too many competitors find themselves rudely awakened when the music stops playing.

Geo Cosy | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Absolutely useless. The system has a fundamental flaw in that the thermostat cannot control the temperature accurately...

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The cosy system is also designed to support multiple users so it won’t matter who in the family gets home first. The system will respond to that user’s particular preferences.

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So easy to use from any smartphone to set up your heating profile for the home, our energy bills are definitely seeing the benefit of cosy.

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One of the most useful pieces of tech I have ever owned! Love this! We can now control all the heating and know we're not wasting gas by having it on when we're out...

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