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I3 Pro C Specifications

released date


the i3 pro c weighs 19.8 pounds


has usb
Upc n
601490  254302
build volume
7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1"

Editorial Review

As desktop 3D printing plods along its course at a pace slower than the hype once lavished on it would have indicated, a divergence in addressed markets becomes ever more apparent.

On one side are the companies continuing to pursue a plug and play approach for a minimally technical end user. This has been done with some success by the Zortrax m200, as well as with more expensive SLA printers like the Nobel 1.0. These products basically work immediately upon unboxing, with comparatively minimal maintenance needed for continued use (although SLA printers need considerable cleanup post print). They're constrained, however, by the need for the end user to have a direct purpose for a printer. In other words, the folks most likely to want a plug and play printer are likely more interested in getting printing than tinkering with machines.

Serving the other half of this divided market are companies catering to the hardware hacker base who brought the Reprap movement to life. The Lulzbot Taz series is an excellent example of a line of printers that has never wavered in its commitment to an open and hackable experience. The Taz is an extremely high quality, reliable printer, but it's designed with modability in mind.

On the far extreme of this end of desktop 3D printing are the kits, unassembled 3D printers with (hopefully) instructions. Geeetech makes low cost Prusa Mendel i3 kits, which provide tinkering folks with an outlet to exercise their mechanical prowess -- and at an affordable cost. Buying such a kit can set the gadgeteer's mind alight as they track down ways to make their machine work better and scour the internet (or the Reprap forums, to be more precise) for others to banter with over their discoveries.

Geeetech I3 Pro C | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

I3 Pro C Reviews From Around The Web


Great 3D printer for individual projects! Require some basic knowledge about mechanisms and some hands on experience as well. Overall it is very good!

Tom's Guide

The machine is ok. Documentation and customer support was not so great. I'll buy a different brand next time. Won't buy again!

Tom's Guide

Overall a good printer, needs some tweaking to get good results. After half a role of filament wasted, results were pretty good. Quite nice for starters...

Tom's Guide

Superb 3D printer in the world of 3D printing industry! I have been using this printer from past 2 months but I haven’t encountered a single flaw.

Tom's Guide

It's a challenge to make it work. Some parts were missing but after a few weeks, was able to make it work.

Tom's Guide

In my opinion one of the best bang for buck 3D-printers on the market. Got this thing built in a couple evenings and have been printing ever since.

Tom's Guide