Geberit Aquaclean Mera

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Editorial Review

The issues of water supply and sanitation, alternatively known as plumbing, have been a central issue since the dawn of civilization. As far back as the Indus Valley civilization, a people who survived from around 3300 to 1700 B.C.E., evidence has been found suggesting an interconnected plumbing system with a private toilet in every home. The ancient Greeks, particularly those of the civilization known as Crete, are known to have built the first instance of a toilet that actually flushes. As the Industrial Revolution brought about the birth of the metropolis, the abundance of underprivileged folk polluting the streets with the remnants of their chamber pot was a major source of disease and pollution that necessitated a solution: the modern sewage system.

As technology has allowed us to modernize our waste disposal methods, so too has it allowed for an increase in personal comfort and cleanliness for the modern excretion experience. The Geberit Aquaclean Mera is one such example of this advancement -- a "shower toilet" equipped with a built in, adjustable bidet for maximum post-movement clean. Like its fellow Geberit product, the Sela, the Mera offers a modern bathroom addendum that may change the way you feel when you close the door and get to work.

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Ensures that electricity and water are used economically and allows users to adjust all functions according to their personal preferences.

Tom's Guide

Includes WhirlSpray shower technology to ensure an extremely targeted and thorough clean. TurboFlush technology...enables the toilet to be flushed out thoroughly and quietly.

Tom's Guide

Simple to operate, the remote control has four storable user profiles for the perfect cleaning and drying experience at the touch of a button.

Tom's Guide

Once one comes close to the toilet...the lid opens automatically and moreover, the heating of the toilet seat starts immediately.

Tom's Guide

Bidet head is automatically cleaned before and after use. There is also a warm air dryer to use after the WhirlSpray shower.

Tom's Guide

Everything goes automatically...Use of the hands is really no need for a toilet visit. All functions work with the aid of a remote control.

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