GE Level 2 DuraStation Wall Mount

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Level 2 DuraStation Wall Mount Specifications

17.3" x 12" x 19.5"
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the level 2 durastation wall mount weighs 18.8 pounds


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Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations come in several varieties, the most common at this writing being the Level 2, which can run off a 240-volt wall socket and give your Nissan LEAF or other EV 160 miles worth of electrons in about eight hours. In coming years faster chargers, already available, will become more common, but they won't use a standard wall socket and aren't necessary if you're only using your car for commuting and relatively short day trips. The GE Level 2 DuraStation Wall Mount is a Level 2 charger -- it's right in the name. It's not a decorator accessory, but it's relatively inexpensive by Level 2 standards and it will have your car charged overnight unless you own a superpowered Tesla. (Tesla has it own flavor of rapid charger, sometimes referred to as Level 4, but don't expect them to come into common home usage anytime soon. Tesla has already placed upwards of 250 of these stations at strategic locations across the country for owners planning long trips.)

The Durastation comes in a weather-proof enclosure, so you can keep it outdoors if you don't park your car in a garage. It delivers up to 7.2 kw of electricity, which will charge your EV at a rate of about 10 or 20 miles for every hour you keep it plugged in, depending on how rapidly your car's internal charger can accept electricity. An 18-foot charging cable is included and is designed to wrap around the enclosure to keep it from getting tangled up with your hose or lost in shrubbery. If you see a green light glowing on the box, you're charging. If it turns red, something's gone wrong. It's simple to use and will keep your EV ready to go as long as you aren't planning to head cross country for a visit with distant relatives, which is all that most EV owners really can expect.

If you're an EV owner, the charging station marketplace is becoming something of a supermall and you have a broad range of home stations to choose from. If you want a Level 2 charger, some other options to look at are the Siemens Versicharge and the ClipperCreek LCS-20.

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I honestly can't see spending more money on a unit that will do exactly the same thing. The thing is durable, waterproof, cheap and highly recommended.

Tom's Guide

I bought this in January. It stopped working yesterday. Beyond return time. This item is junk. Avoid this one! Get a clipper creek!

Tom's Guide

The charger completely fulfills what it’s designed to do, and the absence of dedicated power button can be excused as a natural part of the simplistic design.

Tom's Guide