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F400 Specifications

30.6" x 28.1" x 25.3"
the f400 weighs 85 pounds


has hepa filter
build volume
14.2" x 14.4" x 12.6"

Editorial Review

A mature new air now swirls around 3D printing. Subjected to the Silicon Valley Plan, the industry had a meteoric boom followed by a rapid bust after the vision of 3D printers across suburbia tanked. In its place has risen a concept far more promising: a new craft tentatively termed "digital fabrication".

This developing new class of labor has its path paved by ambitious, deep-pocketed companies in the realm, such as Autodesk and Formlabs, who are intent on seeing this ecosystem of artisans rise. Such operations typically take the form of collaborative digital workspaces populated with community driven CAD files -- essentially a more developed, collaborative Thingiverse. The vision is compelling: as printers get faster, print materials more diverse, and designers more creative, the resultant feedback loop will doubtlessly yield the creative explosion that so many would-be prophets first tuned in to the 3D printing sphere for. The lucky company whose community draws the most creative artists will likely find themselves accelerated down a path of limitless econmic opportunity.

While this developing economic sector is thrilling and sexy, the proverbial shovel in a gold mine will still be the printers. Fusion3 aims to compete in that shovel sale, with thir latest model being the pricey f400.

An FDM machine, the F400 is a fan favorite of old hats to 3D printing, folks who hail from the Reprap movement of old. These are folks who salivate over the f400's string driven CoreXy, bowden extruder, and 32 bit controller, but also folks who like to use their toy for business purposes. While fans of SLA printers may cry foul, proponents of the F400 swear by the enormous build space, closed case, extremely low backlash, and remarkable reliability.

Fusion3 F400 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Just got ours this past week, already ran two 24 hour prints and it didn't have any failures either time. Very impressed with build quality, the low noise, and quick printing.

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