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Dog Camera Specifications

5.9" x 4.7" x 8.9"
the dog camera weighs 1.8 pounds


video camera included
has wifi
has usb

Editorial Review

For all of its features (and it has quite a few) the most striking thing about the WiFi-enabled Furbo Dog Camera is that it sends push notifications to your smartphone when your dog starts barking. Imagine getting push notifications every time your dog barks. If you have a particularly vocal pooch, you could be spending more of your workday listening to iPhone alerts than you spend popping K-Cups into the Keurig Coffee Maker (which in some offices is a major part of an employee's schedule). You can always turn the push notifications off, but the point of this hyper bark awareness is that the Furbo offers you a way to quiet your dog back down. The smartphone app lets you toss treats at your pooch from the Furbo and distract them with a game of fetch the goodies so that they'll stop annoying the neighbors.

The Furbo is a stylish doggy cam that lets you watch your dogs during the day and talk to them through its speaker when you can't be home to murmur soothing doggy talk into their furry ears. It gives you a 120-degree wide-angle view of household canine activity through its quasi-omniscient lens and even includes night-vision capabilities and built-in infrared LEDs so you can find out what Fido is up to when he thinks human eyes can't see. (He'd be right about human eyes, but the Furbo's eye is closer to HAL 9000's than it is to your own.) You can stock it with your dog's favorite treats, though the quantity of treats and the functionality of the treat tosser is dependent on the size and shape of those treats. The manufacturer recommends that those treats be round, non-crushable and between one-half and one inch in diameter.

The Furbo isn't the only treat-tossing cam on the robotic feeding market. The Petzi Treat Cam has pretty much the same features as the Furbo, minus the push notifications and the night-vision. And if it takes more than just a treat to distract your barking dog, the BallReady Food Dispenser and Ball Launcher lets Fido play a real if preprogrammed game of fetch while you're not around.

Furbo Dog Camera | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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My dogs love the treats and I love being able to check on them while I'm away from home. Security system & dog surveillance in one!

Tom's Guide

This Furbo is going to be returned tomorrow! Nice, concept and appearance but they need to spend more time on making it reliable.

Tom's Guide

I love this product. It's such a life savior, I can do everything Furbo promises! Thank you for such a well-made product. I'm impressed.

Tom's Guide

Terrible item! Doesn't work. So poor that they had to review the item themselves. Just spend the money on treats and interact personally with your dog.

Tom's Guide