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KN9005 Specifications

Dim xl
the kn9005 weighs 287 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
638936  463912

Editorial Review

The Fujita KN9005 is a giant bear hug of a massage chair, with 3D rollers that will push into your flesh at six different intensities while it envelops you in a cloud of kneading, squeezing comfort. Or something like that. This is a chair that just demands to be described metaphorically, because it looks like something that just arrived on earth from a planet where the inhabitants love us so much they just want to envelop us in padded bliss.

Ah, you ask, but what does the KN9005 do? Given the price of a new model, it had better do a lot. And it does. Just running down the list of features on Fujita's site is like reading the manual that massage parlors must hand out to the masseurs, assuming the masseurs are robots. The chair massages your back with giant hands consisting of two or four rollers, with the right and left rollers working independently to meet the needs of your muscles, so that it can give you a soft and hard massage simultaneously on different parts of your back. It can stretch your back while pressing on your acupoints, wherever they may be. It can knot the acupoints in your neck, which sounds painful and probably is, but you'll feel better afterward. It can tap on your back like a jazz drummer on speed, generating a "sour, numb, bulge feeling." (Something may have been lost in the translation from the original Japanese.)

It can run a ball along your shoulder blades, it can remove tightness in your trapezius muscles (those are the ones that support your arms), it can push airbags into your buttocks, and it can assure that it's doing all this correctly with a 3D infrared body scan. There are foot rollers, a hand-and-wrist massage, calf kneading and pelvis stretching. Fujita has pretty much every part of your body covered.

Of course, so do chairs from about a dozen other manufacturers. Check out the similarly marshmallow-like Kahuna Chair LM6800 Recliner, which is a lot less expensive, or the more business-like uKnead Lavita. They may not look like they came from another planet, but they'll do an inhumanly good job of making your aching back ready for another bout with the planet you live on.

Fujita KN9005 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I am 5'10'', and my legs cannot stay fully extended during portions of the programs. So, my knees have to bend, which takes away the lower leg portion of the massage.

Tom's Guide

I’m truly happy with the purchase, it offers good value for money.

Tom's Guide