Fujiiryoki FJ-4900 Dr. Fuji

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FJ-4900 Dr. Fuji Specifications

Dim xl
the fj-4900 dr. fuji  weighs 231.5 pounds


remote control included

Editorial Review

What’s in a name? The image of what it inspires. A viper, hornet or scorpion are words which elicit danger, or at least pain, which necessarily restricts them as sales motivators. While a hornet or viper might be appealing names for high-speed quadcopters or e-scooters, they definitely don’t call to mind something that one would want to sit on. Scorpions and hornets just don’t look comfortable. For a massage chair, the promotional ideal would be to evoke the image of recumbent relaxation, as with the Apex AP-Pro Lotus. Popular Eastern religion presents images of the Buddha perched upon a lotus, and he appears mighty content.

Automatic massage chairs are often big and squishy looking, which in and of itself seems to scream comfort. But they are mechanical and move not unlike dentist chairs, getting you all reclined and ready for the drill, which creates internal conflict. The name then must break down that conflict resistance by assuring the user they are indeed headed for comfort and not extraction. The Infinity Riage dances on that fine line between relaxation and medical treatment, being but a T away from triage. With the FJ-4900, Japanese manufacturer Fujiiryoki apparently decided to go right to the ER.

The Fujiiryoki FJ-4900 Dr. Fuji has that full-coverage, recliner look down but the arm and leg holes are more akin to restraint than maximum comfort. When seeking the ultimate in massage delight, the mind is more prepared to submit to someone named Miko or even Burt before letting Dr. Fuji have a go at you. When you’re reclined to zero-G, all bets are off. This is not to suggest that Dr. Fuji is anything but a consummate professional. As they state on their website, the “FJ-4900 is fitted up with a 3D point navigation system with a soundproof designed and intellectual mechanical massage hands.” If that isn’t comforting enough, the good Doctor comes with 12 automated massage settings and a manual mode with 27 different techniques. Rollers and airbags provide the kneading, tapping, knocking and compression to, as the Doctor says, “offer you a massage that will rebuild and tune your body.”

Fujiiryoki FJ-4900 Dr. Fuji | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This one gives most deep, natural massages like you will get from real professionals. Most of time, people will fall a sleep during session because it is so relaxing.

Tom's Guide

We owned two chairs and the vibrating green plate, the chair was great while it worked but is useless garbage now.

Tom's Guide