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The Friday Wi-Fi Electronic lock was financed through the Indiegogo crowdfunding site in 2015 as a stylish, effortless way to get into your house or apartment without the need for a key, a PIN code or even having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket or purse to make the door open. It looks good, sleekly modernistic, but the sole Amazon review available at this writing suggests that Friday's customer support is poor to nonexistent, so you may want to approach this unit with caution. The Kwikset Kevo has a similar auto-unlock-via-smartphone feature, but a new model costs considerably more.

The minimalist design of the unit is appealing and, while the ability to use your smartphone as a key fob is probably the Friday lock's most appealing feature, an even better may be the ability to unlock the door remotely for friends, family and workers who need to get into your home when you aren't there. (This also opens up the possibility for some really scary phishing schemes, though, so make sure that the delivery person who needs to leave a large package in your apartment is really a legitimate delivery person.) This lock works with Apple Homekit, so you'll need an Apple TV or other Apple-connectivity device to make it work. Users of other whole-home systems or those people who really don't want to go the whole-home route are out of luck.

Otherwise, this lock is a standard deadbolt design with 360-degree rotation, a satin-nickel finish and interchangeable colored shells you can use to customize how well it complements the color scheme of your door and home. Given that the price is better than the Kevo you might want to risk the purchase if you want an effortless way of entering your home, although you might also want to research the customer support options first. If you're risk averse and want more tried and true technology, you may be better off looking at PIN code locks like the Toledo Electronic Deadbolt, the Schlage Touch or the Yale Real Living YRL220. Some of these also work with traditional key fobs.

Friday Wi-Fi Electronic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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They say it's WiFi but it's not and then the support from Friday is lackluster.

Tom's Guide

As for the lock itself, performance was erratic. It jammed on a few occasions and the app lost its connection more than I’d like, even at short range.

Tom's Guide