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ISSA Specifications

1.3" x 1.3" x 7.7"
released date


the issa weighs 0.1 pounds


battery life


has usb
Upc n
796201  597905

Editorial Review

FOREO is providing some competition in the oral care industry. Its ISSA electric toothbrush is closest to the Oral B Pro 1000 in terms of high-powered basic tooth and gum care. However, here the similarities end. The ISSA's flexible brush head has silicone bristles, which purportedly generates stronger friction while being easy on enamel and gums. Because of the quick-drying and nonporous qualities of the silicone, the ISSA may harbor less bacteria than other brushes. Its handle is also of silicone, making it lightweight, though some users find it and the head too bulky. Though a replacement head is not included, the original should last up to a year. The ISSA is USB-chargeable, with each 1-hour charge lasting up to 365 uses. It comes with 8 speeds, a built-in timer, and two colors to choose from.

Foreo ISSA | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

ISSA Reviews From Around The Web


This is excellent electronic toothbrush... I like the larger surface area, the central concentrated brush section and its ease of handling. Great purchase.

Tom's Guide

This toothbrush is awesome! I highly recommend it for people who have completely natural teeth or people with porcelain crowns. It's gentle and effective!

Tom's Guide