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the aventura impulse speed weighs 54 pounds


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Editorial Review

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Of course, while the new $30,000 Tesla Model 3 is more reasonably priced than prior Tesla vehicles, it still won't be reasonable for everyone who wants to eliminate or reduce their personal emission output. For these folks, an electric bike is an astute and enjoyable choice.

And the Focus Aventura Impulse is an excellent selection for ebike-as-car-substitute. With a powerful battery capable of providing over 100 miles of range per journey, the Impulse manages to match such speedsters as the E3 Dash in velocity, while far outstripping most competitors in range. It comes in at the expensive side of the ebike market, but for those in a suitable climate looking to clean up their daily commute, or for a wild adventurer looking for an emissions-free cross country trek, the Aventura Impulse is a fine option.

Focus Aventura Impulse Speed | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Excellent range thanks to the efficient Impulse 2.0 mid-drive, eleven speed cassette and large 612 watt hour battery pack, can top 100 miles per charge.

Tom's Guide

While the hydraulic disc brakes do stop the bike efficiently, they do not cut power to the motor.

Tom's Guide

This e-bike is useful for short trips, or the longer riders. They look sporty and dynamic and they feel the same way when you ride them. What you see is what you get.

Tom's Guide

Has exceeded my wildest expectations by a good lot...When unpowered, it's still a great, efficient far this bike has been amazing.

Tom's Guide