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Spexman 2 Specifications

6.7" x 2.8" x 1.7"
released date


the spexman 2 weighs 0.4 pounds


Editorial Review

What's the point in owning a drone if you can't see what the drone sees? Sure, you can watch the screen on the controller or review the video footage when your robotic mosquito gets back to the ground, but how much better to see everything in real-time, three-dimensional, FPV video? A whole lot better would seem to be the answer, which would explain why so many companies are offering FPV goggles that let you see the video feed from your drone as long as it's within signal range. You can soar like an eagle over mountains, parks, even your neighbors' backyards (though be prepared for complaints if you crash someone's pool party).

The Flysight Spexman 2 is roughly comparable to Fatshark's Dominator V3 in terms of resolution (1920x1080) and field of view (30 degrees). It works on 40 different channels to avoid interference with nearby broadcasts. Although it offers several different ways to keep your eye sockets and forehead comfortable when it's strapped on your head, the most effective seems to be its premium leather face plate, which cushions your delicate bone structure without destroying the illusion that you're really looking down on the surface of the earth from 100 feet overhead.

AV and HDMI inputs are available for the video signal. (An HDMI cable is supplied in the box.) Users report getting a strong signal from their quadcopters from as far away as 3,000 feet, which is equivalent to more than half a mile, so you can enjoy a wide-ranging view without having to chase your drone into inaccessible regions that you may nonetheless want to view. Want to see what things look like from that nearby mountaintop? These goggles should have you covered.

The Spexman 2 only garners 3-1/2 stars on Amazon, but users who like it really seem to like it. Other FPV goggles you might want to check out include not only the above-mentioned Fat Shark Dominator but the Yuneec Skyview, the Walkera Goggle 4 and Fat Shark's Attitude. Or if you don't own a drone and want to fly virtually, consider the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Flysight Spexman 2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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To sum up, SPX02 are a great pair of goggles for the average enthusiast. Light weight, comfortable fitting, built in receivers and 1080 HDMI input. I am impressed...

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I like the feel of the Spexman, but I hate they do not perform better than my VR D2s. These had a bit lower range and I didn't like the interference or drop outs that I get...

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