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Editorial Review

One of the most popular features available on the current generation of automatic pet feeders is something that's been used in feeding pets since prehistoric times: the owner's voice. In this case, however, it's not your live voice or even your digitized voice being piped into the feeder from your smartphone via wifi signal but a recording of your voice. Quite a few pet feeders allow you to record a greeting to your pet that's played back automatically at feeding time.

At first encounter, this seems like a pointless gimmick intended to make the owner feel better about not being home for their pet when the feeder automatically dispenses food. Surely the pet isn't going to recognize a reproduction of their owner's voice or even recognize their name being spoken by a mechanical device. In fact, the more you think about this voice recording feature, the more pointless it starts to seem.

But think again. The deeper purpose of having a recorded version of your voice spoken in your absence by a robotic feeder is Pavlovian. After several feedings (and with most pets it's probably not going to take very many), your cat or your dog is going to associate the recording with food. Even before the aroma of dried kibble finds its way to wherever your pet is hanging out (and it's doubtful that most dry pet foods are going to be particularly aromatic after being stored in a plastic compartment for several hours, days or weeks), the sound of that recording is going to make your pet salivate. The purpose of the recording is to announce, on the most primitive of levels, that dinner is served.

The Flexzion 6 Meals automatic feeder serves six meals at programmable times on six rotating trays. And, yes, your recorded voice will ring out every time it opens, so that your cat or dog will know that food is ready. While Fido or Felix may not recognize that the voice is yours, they're likely to come running anyway.

Flexzion 6 Meals | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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The compartments aren't air-tight...There's a sliding cover over one compartment (number 6), and one of my cats easily got it off.

Tom's Guide

I had a few difficulties figuring out how to get the timing set...Once you've worked out the kinks it works like a champ.

Tom's Guide