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the 3 in 1 weighs 2.3 pounds


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Once upon a time, pet owners had to be physically present in order to feed their pets; otherwise, the pets' feeding schedules got upset, or they went hungry, making them upset. And nobody wanted that. Nowadays, owners can go away for an extended period or work late at the office thanks to automatic feeders. The Ourpets WonderBowl opens with a pop-top according to the designated pet. The Koolatron Lentek 6-Day has a self-opening lid which is based on the time increment chosen. For fully programmable and digital feeders, the Petwatch PW SA is a serviceable example.

But pets do not live upon kibble alone – they need a drink as well. While there are water fountains for pets available, the Flexzion 3 in 1 will also dispense comestibles. Although its name suggests a device that feeds, waters, and cleans your pets, it actually refers to the 3 components that comprise it -- a reservoir base that holds up to 3 liters of water, a fountain pump which is attached to a water dish, and a removable food bowl that holds 3 cups of food and doubles as a scoop. The quiet fountain pump continuously cycles water from the reservoir up to the water dish, and remaining water flows back into the reservoir. Impurities are removed by an activated carbon filter, which means that your pet can have filtered water just like people do.

The Flexzion 3 in 1 is made of ABS and PC in white and blue. It weighs a little over 2 lbs., and is powered by 2 watts with a 12-volt output. There is an integrated white nightlight to guide your pet in the dark. The entire unit disassembles and most of these parts are dishwasher-safe. The main drawbacks include having to keep the water filter plugged in all day as well as needing to clear out the food dish daily because food gets into the fountain and stops the filter. However, it is very affordable and users say it is simple to operate.

Flexzion 3 in 1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is the perfect fountain for pets. It holds a good quantity of water so you're not having to continuously refill it. It also doubles as a food dish.

Tom's Guide

The water flow is excellent and there is even a LED light in there. The water fountain looks nice and is a pretty large size to also accommodate dogs.

Tom's Guide

It isn't loud and I haven't had issues at all. I love that the bowl can be removed easily to fill with food.

Tom's Guide