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One Link Specifications

5.2" x 1.2" x 4"
released date


the one link weighs 1.6 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
Upc n
029054  014405

Editorial Review

The smart thermostat revolution began at Nest Labs in 2011 with the introduction of the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nest learns your schedule and tweaks its own schedule accordingly. It turns the HVAC off when you aren't home, on when you are, and comes with a stylishly round, wall-mounted display.

The First Alert THERM-500 Onelink doesn't do any of those things nor does it have an especially stylish wall unit (though the backlit, full-color display, which lets you use your own photos as wallpaper, is attractive). A new model doesn't even cost much less than a 3rd generation Nest. But let's not be negative. Let's focus on what the THERM-500 is doing right.

Like the vast majority of smart thermostats, the Onelink can be programmed either from the touchscreen display or from its smartphone app. Although it doesn't detect your schedule the way the Nest does, you can program it via smartphone not to waste power when you aren't around. The Onelink can store your energy usage, so you can check it later to see if you're using too much, too little or have been heating your home at times when it just does't need to be heated.

If you're having trouble deciding just how to program the Onelink two or three days into the future, it provides a three-day forecast that will alert you to unusual upcoming weather conditions, like heatwaves, blizzards and tsunamis, not that your thermostat settings are likely to have much effect in the event of a tsunami. In that case, you might simply want to leave town or rent an apartment on a higher floor.

Besides the Nest, other models of thermostat you might want to consider include the Carrier Cor and the Zen.

First Alert One Link | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Overall, this might have features than most people will need or ever use, but it does work very well and certainly has a cool factor that is hard to beat! Highly recommended!

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It does everything it says and now I can control the ac unit from anywhere with my smart phone. I am an extremely satisfied customer.

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The onelink wifi thermostat has a multi-function, simple-to-use programmable touch screen that thinks it is a digital picture frame...

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