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3 Series Specifications

17.3" x 15.7" x 20.5"
released date


the 3 series weighs 19.8 pounds


has usb
Upc n
793283  484000
build volume
10" x 8.1" x 9.3"

Editorial Review

As collective optimism for the immediate future of desktop 3D printers declined sharply from the Icarus-esque 2014 highs, the actual quality of the machines has steadily improved. Competition here is alive and well, with success experienced by function-over-form producers like Lulzbot and relative industry newcomers like Zortrax. With the collective status of consumer printers reaching what appear to be the later stages of early adoption, space for upstart companies backed by quality engineers can be readily made.

These conditions are proving optimal for father-son team Felix Printers as they iterate through their formative years. Founded in 2010 when the Dutch duo set about trying to 3D print parts for their humanoid robot project, the small operation has seen success as of late with their well engineered Felix 3 Series. The 3 Series is a no frills, open frame machine, sold at a mid-range price that further declines if bought as a ready-to-assemble kit. A dual extrusion option adds some versatility to the bot's potential output. Most impressive is the level of fineness of print attainable - a desirable 50 microns in extrusion diameter.

Purchasers of the DIY kit praise their experience getting their 3 series up and running. In a market where incomplete kits, incoherent instructions, and sub-par parts are all too common, playing a slight premium for the assurance of a quality DIY experience can save makers in the making from many headaches.

Part of the excitement of new technology is wrapped up in its striking resemblance to an unexplored physical frontier. Upstarts with a dream in their hearts and a plan in mind can throw their lot in with the rest of the pie-eyed dreamers, testing their mettle in what often results in a cutthroat winner-take-all, the prelude to an established domain. So long as the environment in desktop 3D printing allows, the competitive force of the frontier will continue to bring the consumer compelling options from companies large and small, old and new.

Felix 3 Series | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Heated bed is not sturdy enough and can detach from from it's already pricey printer plus you need to pay even more to upgrade an extruder to something normal.

Tom's Guide

Solid, reliable 3d printer...has reasonable print quality, and the large build volume is useful as well. This printer is perfect for hobbyists and tinkerers alike.

Tom's Guide

The tiny bed-leveling nuts are hard to access, but we liked the Felix’s two-part leveling and filament management systems.

Tom's Guide

This printer is under rated. It's fantastic. It's quiet, super smooth and prints some extremely fine stuff.

Tom's Guide

Just what we needed. This printer has a great build platform size and works very well for our needs. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase a second one.

Tom's Guide