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Attitude Specifications

6.5" x 3" x 1.5"
released date


the attitude weighs 0.8 pounds


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Editorial Review

Fat Shark is one of the fattest sharks in the ocean of FPV (first-person view) headsets for use with quadcopter drones. The Fat Shark Attitude V3 doesn't necessarily bring more attitude to their market dominance, but its 2-axis head tracker allows you to alter the attitude of the quad's camera so that you can just tilt your head to look in whatever direction you want. (See what we did there?) The Attitude is a snug pair of goggles with view screens for each of your eyes, with support for 3D cameras, that should make you feel like you're flying over the treetops with your quad (or the quad that belongs to the person who's controlling the flight, because flying with goggles on isn't necessarily recommended unless you have a lot of drone experience).

The Attitude is slim and fairly light, so you won't feel like you've got the entire drone hanging from the front of your face, though the head tracker adds a bit of extra weight relative to earlier Fat Shark models. The receiver unit, which receives the signal from the quad through the Attitude's antenna, can be swapped out for compatible future units, giving the Attitude potential compatibility with drones yet to come. (The 3D compatibility also promises support for units that may not be on the market yet.) Internet user reviewers so far rave about the Attitude V3, though some complain about the price tag, but for this unit's capabilities and forward compatibility it may be worth shelling out the extra money, especially considering Fat Shark's strong reputation among drone users.

There's no AV cable included, so you'll either have to use the antenna or buy a cable to hook the unit to the drone's controller. (Then again, who doesn't have an extra set of AV cables lying around their house from something they've forgotten they once owned?) If you'd prefer a unit that works through HDMI, check out Fat Shark's Dominator V3. Or to see what their lower-priced competitors have up their sleeves (or on their faces), take a look at the Yuneec Skyview or the Walkera Goggle 4.

Fat Shark Attitude | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Very nice goggle. I love the 32ch Video Receiver and the modular system. This is much better than the attitude v2. Only thing I missed is the Manual...

Tom's Guide

Worked straight out of the box. Excellent picture. Can be a little awkward to wear.

Tom's Guide

Great set of goggles; battery has lasted over 2 dozen cycles. DVR works great. I can't complain.

Tom's Guide