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Turtle Feeder Specifications

6.5" x 4.3" x 4"
the turtle feeder weighs 0.8 pounds


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Editorial Review

Turtles are among the oldest of reptiles. When they made their first appearance in the biosphere, dinosaurs still stomped the earth (and would continue to stomp it for nearly 100 million years). Fifty million years before birds, turtles were already there. They survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, when 75 percent of the species on earth bade a last farewell to the fossil record. By the time recognizable ancestors of modern cats and dogs evolved, turtles had been around for more than 125 million years.

Turtles, in other words, are ancient. They look it, too. With their slow gait and wrinkly skin, turtles are the wise old uncles of almost every other animal likely to be invited into our homes as pets. With the possible exception of frogs, our only domestic companions with a longer prehistoric pedigree than turtles are fish. Turtles deserve a degree of respect if only for their sheer persistence.

Turtles don't really need homes because they carry a well-constructed shelter on their backs, so the best way to show respect to your pet turtle is to feed it. And your turtle probably won't mind if you fob the feeding process off on an automaton, as long as it means that food will be available regularly enough that they won't experience hunger pangs. The Exo Terra Turtle Automatic Feeder will divvy up as many as four meals a day, in programmable amounts at programmable intervals. Users report that the food buffer holds enough for anywhere from a week to a month's worth of feedings, the amount varying depending on how many meals a day it's set for.

The Exo Terra mounts on the rim of the bowl or terrarium where it will dispense pellets. Exo Terra will even sell you their brand of turtle pellets, which they say guarantee the turtles a nutritionally complete meal. The feeder serves dry food only and requires a pair of AA batteries to operate.

Exo Terra Turtle Feeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Too difficult to program...And then they get the manual wrong. The feeding chute mechanism that determines the amount of food dropped is flimsy and unreliable.

Tom's Guide

It is working as promised. The installation and setup was very easy. Timer is working properly and delivers the correct amount of food when needed.

Tom's Guide