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Professional Wireless Specifications

6.5" x 1.1" x 5.8"
the professional wireless weighs 4.6 pounds


has usb

Editorial Review

If you're not familiar with units of measurement like hPa, mmHg or inHg then the Excelvan Professional Wireless weather station might leave you feeling a bit lost while reading its LCD display, but for the cost of a little research, you may find that the Excelvan is a powerful unit that can pack a lot of information into a relatively small rectangular space. For the record, an hPa is a hectoPascal, an mmHg is a millimeter of mercury, and an inHg is an inch of mercury.

See? You feel smarter already.

The Excelvan will tell you the current atmospheric pressure using those and similar units. In fact, it will give you an amazing amount of information for a mid-range personal weather station. It records a history of the temperature, both indoor and outdoor (the latter measured from the Excelvan's outdoor sensors, of which you can have up to three). It measures and records the barometric pressure, so you can tell what direction the atmospheric pressure is headed in. (As any weather bug can tell you, this will let you know where the weather is headed.) It calculates a weather forecast, which it can display via LCD icon. Unlike a lot of home weather stations, it will give you wind speed, direction, and amount of rainfall -- and you're not going to find that information on a weather station much lower end than this, at least not as measured by instruments on the station itself.

Outdoor weather info is transmitted wirelessly to the indoor unit, and the indoor unit can plug into your computer via USB. Frills include time, phase of the moon and calendar data on the indoor LCD. The Excelvan is a bargain for what it offers, but if it offers more than you're looking for, you can find plenty of attractive but less ambitious weather stations at lower price points, like the La Crosse Technology 308-146.

Excelvan Professional Wireless | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is a professional level weather station that even an amateur can set up. It is simple to assemble, easy to understand and filled with interesting information.

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Console display receives the signal from the sensors in a good is easy to install and displays all measured values ​​and generates historical and graphics.

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A little hard to see the numbers from some angles, but it's fine.

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