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S Class Specifications

Dim xl
the s class weighs 130 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

Mowing the lawn evokes images of lush, green grass distributed about smooth, flat plots of fertile soil with graceful uniformity being gently sheared by gas-powered, high-speed, spinning blades of sharpened steel. These will often be pushed by someone who shows up once a week in a pick-up truck full of well-used implements of residential agriculture. Perhaps the traditionalists find their images less idyllic, more akin to pushing a noisy, 2-stroke, burning porta-mulcher all over their unfortunately graded yard while sweating profusely and swatting the odd yellowjacket or seven.

For many lawns, as green and relatively pointless as they might be, are not blessed with nice level terrain but instead have slopes and dips, making the trip down a breeze but the push up a pain. And many lawn owners are finding themselves disinclined to tackle their verdant thickets with other, less demanding options available. Like robo-mowers. Of course, some yards don’t have lawns at all but random growths of plants and weeds that even a sharp little robo-mower like the LB 300EL wouldn’t be capable of contending with effectively. Faced with something just this side of the rain forest, the Spider ILD01 could help, but the middle regions seem firmly attended to by Evatech.

The S Class is the bigger, faster version of the Evatech RCLM BE, the radio-controlled rotary robo-mower. The Evatech mowers are tough- looking, handle-free rotary mowers with free-spinning front tires and big, knobby back tires which push them up 30-degree grades with aplomb. The S Class has a wheel diameter of 13 inches and weighs 140 lbs., which makes it quite the grass-chomping terror at its top speed of 10 mph. It has a 6.75 HP electric motor which spins the 22-inch cutting blade and drives the mower. The radio transmitter requires 4 AA batteries while the mower itself operates with two 12-volt, 7 amp-hour batteries, which are curiously not included.

Evatech S Class | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Bought 7 years ago. Had some failures like a loose solder joint and an engine coil going bad within the 1st year but the Company fixed everything that went bad.

Tom's Guide

The mower is powerful and precise in steering. Reliable and Company backs up their products.

Tom's Guide