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BE Class Specifications

Dim xl
the be class weighs 130 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

The landscaper with grander aspirations and the gardener with better things to do have enjoyed a revolution in hands-free lawn mower technology. From the compact John Deere Tango E5 for maintaining putting greens and tea-gardens to the brutish Spider ILD 2 for hewing waist-deep hillsides wildly overgrown, options abound for mowing the ground. On the small end, many of these mowers look like robo-vacs on steroids, but they have decidedly limited operating parameters. For those with a greater need than merely a good trim, Evatech offers something a little more substantial.

Evatech’s Hybrid Radio Controlled Lawn Mower BE class is an electronic rotary mower without the manual controls or even handle. With fat back tires and a 6-horse power electric engine, it makes short work of tall grass with its 22-inch cutting width. Touted as a safe, energy efficient and effortless remote control mower, it appears formidable and utilitarian – this is a tool, and with a high speed spinning steel blade, not one to be taken lightly.

With a speed rated at 7 mph and the torque to operate on 25- to 30-degree slopes, the RCLM can cut organic growth up to 3 feet tall without breaking a sweat or hopefully a sprinkler. It comes equipped with a towing hitch for pulling a fertilizer spreader or other gardening requisites. The radio control is sufficiently precise, offering a safe effective range of about 150 feet while providing the RCLM a zero-degree turning radius to maximize mowing coverage. The front wheels are free agents, leaving the power and steering to the beefy back tires. Although the RCLM runs on two 12 volt, 7 amp batteries – the controller on 4 AAs – these are not provided with the purchase and the user is instead directed to Radio Shack.

Evatech BE Class | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Well done mower, robust, tough enough for difficult jobs. Worth the money for large or tough to mow lawns.

Tom's Guide

Terrible Tool, Useless Toy! The idea behind this mower is great; the execution is poor.

Tom's Guide

It is a safe, energy efficient, effortless remote control lawn mower that does not compromise speed or power to cut the lawn.

Tom's Guide

The brain has a quick response for excellent handling of the independent high torque DC motors which allows for fast terrain adaptability.

Tom's Guide