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Stand N Ride Specifications

Dim xl
the stand n ride weighs 95 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life



Editorial Review

The EV Rider Stand N Ride electric mobility scooter comes with a 500-watt motor with front wheel drive, a 500-watt controller, and forward and reverse speed. With a 15-mph top speed, it is good for 15 to 20 miles of range and operates in 2 modes: slow or half speed and fast or full speed. It handles a 300-lb. standing rider, or a 220 to 250-lb. seated one. The Stand N Ride is ideal for applications where quiet, green transportation is needed. It is portable enough at 95 lbs. to fit in the trunk of a small car and it disassembles without tools. The handlebars are adjustable while the maximum climbing angle is 12 degrees, which is fairly steep for mobility scooters. This rider has an over-sized bicycle base with spring suspension and a folding seat. The throttle is thumb-controlled and the scooter has a big, front-mounted LED headlight. A large wire front basket is available for storage. A full charge should drive the scooter for 6 to 8 hours. EV Rider definitely recommends wearing a helmet.

With the abundance of electric mobility scooters available, it is quite the buyers' market. These personal transport devices don't just get a person from one place to another, they often look stylish while doing so. The Acton M Scooter caters to younger, more ambulatory users while companies like Pride Mobility and Tzora Active Systems gear their products more toward those with physical necessity. These companies are quite cognizant of the fact that their customers want to look their best while scooting.

The Stand N Ride is a 3-wheeled, standing/sitting scooter. The Acton M is of this variety, as is the Top Mobility Challenger X Deluxe. 3-wheeled standing/sitting scooters look like grown-up trikes, and allow for greater maneuverability and more oomph from their zero-emissions motors. Since 1996, EV Rider has pedaled various types of mobility scooters. They initially designed and distributed battery powered scooters for all ages, then expanded their products to include active senior riders, like the EV Rider Transport.

Ev Rider Stand N Ride | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Decent scooter and good customer service but the brakes are troublesome.

Tom's Guide

I have had this scooter for 6 months and it is great... Speed is great. Haven't taken it outside yet but it is very speedy for the house...

Tom's Guide

This scooter is unique because it moves faster... It is easy to transport and is youthful, you don't feel like an old crippled person on it.

Tom's Guide