Epikgo Premier

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Premier Specifications

Dim 1
the premier weighs 26 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth

Editorial Review

The Epikgo Premier is much like the much lauded Epikgo Classic — only better. Bearing the same rugged style and power that serves to differentiate Epikgo from other hoverboard producers, the Premier makes incremental improvements on the Classic in a variety of small, but interesting, ways.

The most obvious similarity shared by the Premier and its lesser brethren is the extremely hardy tires — built to handle on- and off-road terrain equally handily. Both are also certified by the UL 2722 standard, considered the topmost authority in this particular area. The most obvious difference between the two is the color; the Classic is clad in "Elite Silver", the Premier in stunning (and perhaps ostentatious) gold. Another addendum to the Premier, a particularly impressive one at that, is the integrated bluetooth connective speaker, allowing you to jam to some tunes while you cruise. These are really the only differences between the two (both also are powered by two four hundred watt motors), so essentially the upgrade only makes sense if you have the extra few hundred to shell out and really like music (though being in the market for one of these things in the first place may imply that you in fact do have the extra cash to throw around).

Self-balancing scooters are recovering steadily from the bad rap they earned from the spat of battery explosions in the mid 2010's (hence the importance of the UL certification). These aren't the only available form factors available by any stretch of the imagination — see the unicycle-esque models, the seated options, and the unique Future Motion Onewheel.

Epikgo Premier | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The board itself looks really solid and bigger than I expected. It took less than 10 mins for me to learn how to ride... Best Christmas gift of the year!

Tom's Guide

It is capable of being ridden in the grass. It keeps a good charge... The blue tooth connects quickly and speakers are pretty loud. Great!

Tom's Guide