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Editorial Review

Self-balancing scooters have arrived in all manner of forms — even of the single-wheeled variety. This, the Epikgo Classic, belongs to the infamous hoverboard brand of self-balancing vehicle — though their UL 2272 certification means its been tested rigorously for precisely the flaws that originally made hoverboards so infamous. Indeed, with these initial qualms set at ease, it becomes clear that the Epikgo Classic (and hoverboards generally) has a lot to offer, both on the paved road and off of it.

With rugged, eight-and-a-half inch tires, a top speed of 12 miles per hour, and a maximum distance on a full charge of 12 miles, the Classic is clearly more than your average toy — a notion its price does nothing to dispel and everything to corroborate. Two four hundred watt motors power the vehicle, enough juice to handily move through terrain from the woods to the beach. This is a heavy duty hoverboard for outdoor explorers, so if you're looking for a simple campus cruiser your needs will likely be met for much cheaper elsewhere. But for those who want a new way to cruise those old outdoor paths, there's really no substitute for the Epikgo Classic.

Just in case lingering concerns over hoverboards' general reputation resides, do consider the authority making sure these devices are safe for use — the UL Safety Index. UL tested the Classic at 159 points of vulnerability to ensure statistically negligible odds of fire or explosion. If skepticism remains about their methods, you can check them out for yourself here.

Epikgo Classic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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The board vibrates upon acceleration and it is very noticeable when going up 10 degree inclines. Recalibrating the board has not fixed the problem.

Tom's Guide

The board quality is solid and I've had no significant issues with it after limited use. However the customer service is unresponsive.

Tom's Guide